JULIE WELLS: Don't waste time on envy; focus on Jesus

Julie Wells

Julie Wells

We really should stop comparing ourselves and our lives to each other.

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, well all have. It is so easy to do.

We see someone that has or does something that we do not, and we think to ourselves, that must be nice for them. I think at times comparing the haves and have-nots can make us envious.

I really noticed that I was comparing myself to other women, especially when Joy was born. I would see other moms and think to myself that a particular mom really has it all together. And I would begin comparing myself to her, her house and anything else my little mind would wonder about.

The evils of Facebook usually have set me up for feelings of inadequacies, until a couple of weeks ago. A friend posted a picture of a her kitchen countertop that wasn’t the “Better Homes and Gardens” picture she usually had posted. She posted a picture of bowls and things on her counter tops and said she was just being real and that those things and mess could wait to be cleaned up because she was hanging out with her family.

There it was, reality set in for me. I had been too worried about things, and the house and trying to keep up with the other moms that I was missing the whole point of it all.

We tend to think that the images of other people’s lives depict how things are for them all of the time. However, the images we see, especially on social media, are only the images they want others to see. We pick and choose the moments to share with others, and those moments we pick are the sweet little perfect snapshots of life.

My point to all of this is we all need to really get it together. We need stop comparing ourselves to one another. We need to spend less time with electronic devices and more time on the floor playing cars and dolls with our kids.

It’s so easy get completely side-tracked and not just be the people we are suppose to be.

But here’s the best part of all: after we’ve completely compared ourselves up one side and down the other to someone else, Jesus still loves us just the same.

He wants us to be satisfied in Him. And why shouldn’t we be? Why is that not good enough for us? Why is it that we tend to allow everything else in this world to distract us from His love, mercy and grace?

I bet if we took the time to get to know Him more, in a deeper more intimate way, then we wouldn’t be so concerned about other people.

I know that we are all human, and we will all go through times of comparing ourselves to others, but I hope those moments in your life are short. I hope that through those moments of envy, you stop and realize that Jesus will always be enough for us, that His love is greater than we can imagine and His love is what fills all of our needs, voids and wants.

If we would just stop and take the time, we would see that Jesus, really and truly, loves us.

I hope you find encouragement through these words today. And I pray that through this Easter season you find strength in knowing that He lives.

Julie Wells is the editorial assistant in the newsroom at the Rockdale Citizen. She can be reached at julie.wells@rockdalecitizen.com.