City Council considers park use policy

COVINGTON — The City Council wants to establish some ground rules for those who are interested in using the American Legion Field.

City Manager Leigh Anne Knight said there is no park use policy in place for the field, but groups are requesting to use it for special events.

The field is already being used by a group who plays cricket every Sunday. The City Council voted to approve two other requests for use including Newton County Theme School’s fifth-grade graduation in May and use of the parking lot for the Cheerios Challenge this month.

Knight said the city has been researching different policies and looking to establish a set schedule through the Recreation Department.

The current policy in place requires those who want to use the field to seek the council’s permission first. Because the Sunday cricket group has been using and maintaining the field for about 10 years, the council wants to establish a contract once the fee structure for the park use policy is created.

Councilman Chris Smith asked City Attorney Ed Crudup if there’s any concern for the city since the cricket team has a general liability insurance policy. Crudup said no, but advised the group to provide the city with a copy of the insurance policy.

Crudup also said that once the city establishes a fee structure, there should be a contract with the group. The contract would allow the group to opt out of the park use fee as long as they continue to cut the grass.

Knight said she will continue to work on a park use policy and bring it before the council at a later date.