A woman believed to be high on 'molly' fights police

COVINGTON — A woman believed to have taken a popular party drug became unruly, grabbing an officer’s pepper spray and Taser, along with scissors and other items from emergency medical technicians.

Covington Police Department Sgt. Asher Dozier was called to a home on Greenway Cove around 2:20 a.m. Saturday where family members reported that a female relative was possibly on drugs and that she had become combative with family after she awoke from having passed out.

“Family members stated that a large group, including (this woman), had gone to the club and that they believed that (the woman) had taken Molly (pure MDMA) and then began ‘freaking out’ after arriving back home,” Sgt. Dozier stated in the incident report.

When Dozier attempted to speak with the female, she just stared at him and then took off a metal chain with a pendant from around her neck and was swinging it “in a circular fashion as if it was a weapon,” the incident report states. She continued swinging the chain until the officer withdrew his Taser and ordered her drop it.

Dozier then attempted to handcuff the woman, but she grabbed onto his duty belt, including his OC spray, Taser and magazine pouches. He reported that at one point she unsnapped his OC container and magazine pouch.

The officer then used a control hold to hold her in place on the rear of his patrol car until EMS could arrive.

“During this time, she continually attempted to push off of the trunk of the car and to mule kick me,” Dozier stated.

A second officer arrived and helped move the woman to the ambulance, where she repeatedly unstrapped herself from the stretcher and grabbed scissors and other items from an EMT’s cargo pockets.

She was eventually strapped down and handcuffed to the stretcher and transported to the emergency room at Newton Medical Center. Officers followed the ambulance to the hospital in case she again became aggressive.

Once there, the female continued to fight and resist while medical personnel attempted to move her from the stretcher to the hospital bed.

Sgt. Dozier placed his shin across her knees to keep her from kicking, however the woman was able to pull her hand away and again grabbed Dozier’s duty belt and police radio, and was able to change the channel on his radio.

The CPD plans to issue a warrant for felony obstruction against the woman.