Man who flees from cop then turns back gets Tasered

COVINGTON — Attempting to run away from a police officer and then turning around and running toward him resulted in one Covington man being on the receiving end of a Taser.

Roderick Stanley, 25, allegedly ignored Covington Police Department Officer Grant Satterfield’s attempt to pull him over for a traffic violation on Monticello Street Sunday afternoon.

“There were four other vehicles in front of Mr. Stanley that began to slow. The group of cars in front of Mr. Stanley pulled to the side of the road close to Town Branch (subdivision). Mr. Stanley got into the left-hand turning lane and passed these vehicles,” Satterfield stated in the incident report.

As the suspect continued driving past Pinecrest Drive, the officer said he saw him throw a small plastic bag out of the driver’s side window.

Satterfield reported that he stopped to pick up the bag, which contained a green leafy substance that the officer believed to be marijuana.

The officer then continued traveling down Monticello Street and soon saw Stanley’s vehicle stopped at a business across from a package store. Satterfield pulled into the parking lot where he noticed that the front of the vehicle was damaged and Stanley was exiting through the passenger’s side door.

“Mr. Stanley stood there for a second then took off running across Monticello toward S & S Package Store,” the incident report states.

The officer chased the suspect past the store and onto Petty Street toward Laseter Street.

“Mr. Stanley turned to go down one of the driveways on the left-hand side of the road, then stopped running, turning coming toward me,” Satterfield reported. “I deployed my Taser and Mr. Stanley fell to the ground. I had a clothing disconnect, so I deployed the second set of probes.”

The officer was then able to detain him.

Stanley, of 6150 Wateroak Circle, was charged with defective equipment, improper passing, fleeing and attempting to elude police officers, striking a fixed object, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce, disorderly conduct and reckless driving.