LETTER: Time to take note of what's really going on

Over the last few years, you may have heard references being made to Saul Alinsky’s “Rule Book for Radicals.” So, here it is: His book dissected into eight easy to understand lessons. Read them, digest them, take some action, or alternatively, go back to your slumber as though nothing is happening here.

All in a day’s work, according to a particular student, who took advice and training from the Saul Alinsky school.

How to Create a Social State, by Saul Alinsky: There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.

1) Health care: Control health care and you control the people.

2) Poverty: Increase the poverty level as high as possible; poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything to them from cradle to grave.

3) Debt: Increase the national debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will create more poverty.

4) Gun control: Remove the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves from the government. That way you can more easily create a police state.

5) Welfare: Take control of every aspect of the lives of the population … food, housing and income.

6) Education: Take control of what people read and listen to … take control of what children “learn” in school.

7) Religion: Remove all expressions of the belief in God from government and schools.

8) Class warfare: Divide the people into a mentality of the wealthy vs. the poor. This will cause greater discontent which will make it easier for the government to take from the wealthy (taxes) with the enthusiastic support of the poor.

Does this sound anything like what is happening now in the United States?

And who was it that said: “We are five days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”?

Just three more years to go … What could possibly go wrong?

Who is John Galt?

— Vince Przybyszewski