Newton Citizen Poll for Sept. 29, 2013

“I for one am glad to see one county commissioner who continues to stand up for his district and taxpayers. Whether it be voting against higher taxes, pay raises for commissioners or now unnecessary road pavings, Commissioner Douglas will not be bullied and intimidated by the wacky ideas that the County Commission pushes on us sometimes or lack of professionalism we often see there. We would not know even to this day about the commission pay raise if he had not mentioned it. We would not know ‘rollback’ actually is an increase in taxes if he had not fought it tooth and nail. Continue to stand tall Mr. Douglas, that’s exactly why we elected you to represent this part of Newton County.”


“The headline read: ‘Electric chargers put on hold: Provider files bankruptcy, under investigation by FTC.’ Looks like someone didn’t do their homework on checking out the financial stability of this supplier. In decision-making a good rule to follow is — if a sales person just makes verbal statements on capability believe very little of what was stated, when they put their capabilities in writing believe 50 percent of what is written, then verify the other half. Wonder how much was given up front to the supplier to get this project started.”


“My dad has had to be a patient at Newton Medical Hospital several times lately and is always admitted to the third floor. I want to say thank you so much to all of the great nurses they have on this floor. You all have been so caring and kind, not only to my dad but to our family as well. Thank you again for providing the services you do and helping make a not-so-good situation better.”