Glidewell, Smith top male, female runners in 30th Fuzz Run

COVINGTON — Jackson’s Jody Glidewell and Covington’s Katie Smith were the top male and female runners at the 30th Annual Covington Fuzz Run on Saturday.

Glidewell was the first overall runner crossing the finish line of the 5K run in 17 minutes, 31 seconds. Smith’s winning time was 20:43.

The 2,231 participants of this year’s race was something that the founders of the run would never had figured when they ran the first race on Sept. 15, 1984 with 12 runners.

“We were really striving because every year the numbers would increase. To imagine that we would hit 2,600 and stay around 2,200 is amazing,” said Capt. (ret.) Willie Davis. “But it’s continuing to grow and its become a big family event.”

Before the Fuzz Run was established, there were a lot of small local and regional races around the area. That was when Davis and some of the other officers decided to have their own run. Before they could have an event, they needed a name.

“We were kicking around the name of what we might call it then we came up with Fuzz Run. Everybody likes to run and everybody would like to run with the fuzz. That’s how we came up with the name,” Davis said. “We’ve been doing the races and marketing the race and running in different races in the area. They started a race club around here and they started helping us get the word out. From there it just grew. It really started to blossom into what it is today after about eight to 10 years.”

This year’s Cotton Cup, an award given to the company with the most participants, goes to Newton Medical, who has won the cup three times, with 156 participants. SKC won the cup last year with 112 runners.

“It’s exciting just to come out and watch family participate in the race,” Davis said. “Then with all the businesses and community people that participate and all volunteers makes the race. People look forward to coming back to this race the second Saturday every year in September. It’s like the second Saturday in September, this is the place to be.”

Race results can be found at runningintheusa.com, coolrunning.com and classicraceservices.com.