Pit bull attacks reported in Rockdale, Newton over weekend

COVINGTON — Two incidents of pit bull attacks were reported in Rockdale and Newton counties this weekend and another report was made of a pit bull acting unpredictably in a public park.

In Covington, a 10-year-old girl was bitten several times Saturday evening by a pit bull that was apparently known by neighbors to be aggressive.

According to the incident report filed by the Covington Police Department, the young girl was attending a birthday party in the Settlers Grove neighborhood. As she was chasing a boy across the street, the juvenile ran into the yard where a pit bull was chained to a tree.

“While chasing the boy, the dog bit (the girl) numerous times on different parts of her body,” the report states.

According to the report, the girl had multiple lacerations on both her arms and on her abdomen.

The owner of the dog called an ambulance, but the girl’s grandmother said it was taking too long so she drove the child herself to Newton Medical Center.

When speaking to the CPD officer through an interpreter, the dog’s owner stated that the “pit bull was a 3-year-old male, very aggressive and all the children knew to stay away from him,” the report states.

Teri Key-Hooson, director of Newton County Animal Control, said that her office is attempting to locate the dog, but when they do, it will need to be quarantined and more than likely declared vicious or aggressive.

In Conyers, a 19-year-old man reported that sometime before 4 a.m. on Saturday, a pit bull jumped a fence, chased him and his puppy home where the pit bull attacked the puppy and injured the young man.

The victim told Conyers Police Department Officer J. Williams that he and his puppy were walking near a home on Willow Creek when a gray pit bull jumped the rear fence and began chasing him.

The victim told police that when he opened the door to his home, his puppy jumped out of his arms, at which point the pit bull “pinned the puppy down and began biting him in the chest and stomach,” the incident report states. “(The man) advised that he attempted to break the dogs up when he was bit on his lower left leg by the pit bull.”

The puppy had several puncture wounds on its chest and stomach, while its owner had a puncture wound on his left leg.

According to a witness statement, the victim often “will hold his puppy in front of the pit bull and make the puppy growl at the pit bull. (He) believes that this is what occurred this date.”

Rockdale County Animal Control has placed the pit bull in a 10-day quarantine and the owner was given a citation for failure of an owner to keep the dog under control.

In other pit bull news, a Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputy was dispatched to Denny Dobbs Park around 10:30 a.m. Sunday in response to complaints that a pit bull was roaming around the park. A man at the park told the deputy that when he tried to scare the dog away from the children, it charged at him.

“The dog was sitting beside the restrooms when I first observed it,” Deputy Timothy Dickerson reported. “When I tried to approach the dog, it would not let me get close and kept walking away from me with its tail between its legs looking back at me.”

Dickerson paged the on-call Animal Control officer because of the “large amount of children and people at the park and the unpredictable nature of the dog.”

The Animal Control officer stated he would not respond, which is standard procedure since the dog had not attempted to bite anybody at that point, Key-Hooson said.