Joint Commission renews Newton Medical Center Lab facility accreditation

After a recent two-day visit from The Joint Commission, staff at the Newton Medical Center Lab learned that the lab will maintain its accreditation for two more years.

Every two years, The Joint Commission surveys the Newton Medical Center Lab in a two-day visit. In addition to the hospital-wide standards, the lab is held to a separate set of protocol, specific to lab facilities.

Each of The Joint Commission’s standards has a number of “Elements of Performance” that must be met before the standard is scored compliant. There are several hundred standards, each with multiple elements of performance. Not one element of performance at the Newton Medical Center Lab in any of the standards was scored as “Insufficient Compliance.”

“We were well aware of the quality of the services our lab provides to the hospital and the community, but it is important to receive that validation from The Joint Commission,” said Newton Medical Center Director of Quality Improvement Kate Smith, in a press release from NMC.

“Since they establish standards for practice in the industry, a very positive survey gives our lab the recognition they very much deserve, and provides them with full accreditation for the next two years.”