Sheriff's offices in Rockdale and Newton look into 2009 molestation case

CONYERS — Sheriff’s offices in Rockdale and Newton counties are investigating a claim by a young girl that her mother’s ex-boyfriend molested her about four years ago.

The molestation was first reported by the Conyers Police Department on Sunday when family members of the girl, now 12 years old, apparently first learned of the incident.

The victim, who was 7 at the time, told police the first incident occurred during a time when her mother was recovering from surgery, which was why she was in the care of the ex-boyfriend. She said she remembers the suspect drove her, an uncle and an unknown female to a location on Sigman Road. After the uncle and the female left the vehicle and went inside the store, the suspect allegedly fondled the young girl.

“(The victim) stated she was scared to tell because he told her he would do something to her and her mother,” the incident report states.

The suspect allegedly molested the girl at least two more times at their home in Newton County. Each time, the man reportedly told the victim that if she told anyone he would harm her mother.

Based on the heavily redacted incident report, the victim and a friend of her mother’s were at a gas station Sunday when they saw the suspect.

“(The victim) stated she remembered what he had done to her and let her (family member) know immediately after arriving home,” the report states.

After further investigation, investigators had reason to believe the alleged molestation may have occurred outside the city limits. The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation on Tuesday. Also, because the victim claimed that at least two instances of molestation occurred in Newton County, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office has begun an investigation into the allegations.