Covington police arrest man on DUI charge

COVINGTON — Police arrested a driver over the weekend who ran up on the curb when the police officer attempted to stop him for suspected drunk driving and could barely stand when talking to the arresting officer.

Covington Police Department Officer Christopher Usiak activated his blue lights when he noticed a Ford Mustang driving erratically along U.S. Highway 278 near Wendy’s around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

“As the vehicle attempted to pull over onto the shoulder, it struck the curb and drove up on the grass, where it came to a stop,” Usiak reported.

When the officer approached the man, he detected a strong odor of alcohol and noticed the man’s speech was slurred, so he asked for his drivers license.

The man, identified as Robert Douglas Keiser, 44, of 10 Toscana Drive, first handed the officer his credit card, then he gave him a business card, and after searching for a little longer, eventually found his drivers license, according to the incident report.

Usiak then asked Keiser to step out of the vehicle.

“While exiting the vehicle, Keiser attempted to grab the door frame of the vehicle, and, when doing so, he missed it and lost his balance,” the officer reported.

Usiak stated that Keiser lost his balance three different times, almost falling into traffic. The officer told him to lean against his car for balance so he would not fall and hurt himself, the report states.

According to the incident report, Keiser was unable to perform many of the field sobriety tests. Usiak asked the man to recite the alphabet beginning with the letter “C” and ending with the letter “O.”

“During the test, Keiser said, ‘C, D, O,’” the report states. “Keiser did not get the rest of the letters in between C and O.”

Usiak arrested Keiser and transported him to the Newton County Detention Center, where his alcohol breath tests showed his alcohol level was .194 and .207, according to police.

Keiser was charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane.