Newton teen detained in alleged ice pick threat

COVINGTON — A 16-year-old Newton County boy has been detained in a juvenile facility for allegedly threatening a man with an ice pick.

A man and his wife were walking in their Parkers Terrace subdivision Wednesday evening when the juvenile and his 20-year-old sister drove by them.

“The juvenile said the male flipped him off, but the victim said it was the juvenile who flipped them off,” said Newton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Felicia Jefferson.

The couple continued to walk when the juvenile and his sister approached them in the roadway. A verbal altercation began and then the 16-year-old allegedly pulled an ice pick from his pocket.

The altercation turned physical when the man attempted to defend himself and his wife, Jefferson said.

“When the man and his wife arrived at their home, a neighbor reported to them that the sister drove up to their residence and threw some type of glass in the driveway and then damaged their mailbox,” Jefferson said.

“When the deputy arrived at the scene, the juvenile did state that he did want to kill the victim and that’s when he was taken into custody.”

The juvenile was charged with aggravated assault and transported to Sandersville Juvenile Detention Center.

His sister is also facing charges of criminal trespass, Jefferson said.

In other news, two females have been arrested for allegedly starting a fight with an ongoing rival.

According to NCSO Deputy Cortney Morrison, Phantasia Hall, 18, of 100 Mote Road, and her 16-year-old friend went to the victim’s home and started fighting.

“They all go to the same school and this has been an ongoing issue between all three of them,” Morrison said. “There was nothing in particular that caused this particular incident; they just don’t like each other.”

She said the victim, who sustained injuries in the fight, had alerted the school of the problems she has had with the two girls.

The 16-year-old’s mother filed a police report and investigators later arrested Hall and the 16-year-old and charged them with battery.