Covington PD cite man for dumping waste from portable toilet down city sewer

COVINGTON — A Covington man learned the lesson of not bringing his work home with him this week when he was cited for emptying waste from portable toilets down the sewer on Monticello Street.

A woman contacted the Covington Police Department on Tuesday stating that her neighbor was dumping waste down a city-owned sewer line and the smell was becoming unbearable.

“Upon my arrival, I smelled a strong, distinct, smelly odor coming from 7184 Monticello St.,” the CPD officer reported.

The officer quickly discovered the smell was coming from a large truck at the residence of Todd Sawin, 44, who was an employee with a company that services portable toilets.

“The large truck was running when I walked around the rear of the house,” the officer stated in the incident report. “Mr. Sawin walked over and greeted me. I immediately addressed the smell.”

Sawin reportedly told the officer that he had been driving the truck for work when he noticed earlier that afternoon that the truck was leaking. When he returned home after working for the day, he said he remembered the truck was still leaking.

“Mr. Sawin pulled the truck behind the house and decided to spray the feces off the back of the truck,” according to the incident report.

Sawin claimed that when he unscrewed a piece of hose that was attached to the leak, feces spilled all over the ground in the back yard.

The officer said he asked Sawin a couple times whether he dumped his workload of feces in the white sewer pipe on the property and both times the man denied it.

However, the officer stated he found evidence to the contrary.

“Mr. Sawin escorted me to the side of his house where I noticed there was a worn trail from where his truck was parked to the sewer pipe,” he stated. The officer also noticed that there was blue coloring on the side of the pipe, blue-colored water inside the hose on the truck, on the ground and inside the sewer pipe.