Covington taking lead on Stanton gas supply

COVINGTON — The city of Covington will be the project manager for gas supply projects inside Stanton Springs, based on a short-term development contract approved by the City Council Monday night.

The city is partnering with Social Circle and Madison to supply gas to the park. Each city will have gas lines running to the park, and the lines will meet at a demarcation point and will be distributed into the park. The cost of installation of pipe inside the park and sales revenues will be split between the three cities. Covington and Social Circle’s share is 37.5 percent and Madison’s share is 25 percent.

“After much discussion with Social Circle and Madison, it has been determined that all the cities involved in the Stanton Springs project would prefer Covington to be the project manager on the installation of the pipe inside the Stanton Springs Park,” City Manager Leigh Anne Knight told the council Monday night.

“We are the developer inside the park making sure the lines are put in,” Knight said in a follow-up interview. That includes putting projects out to bid and ensuring that lines are properly installed. Maintenance and upkeep will also likely be the responsibility of the city of Covington, though an agreement addressing that has not been finalized, Knight said.

Also on Monday, the council approved a bid of $334,891.77 by D. Lance Souther Inc. of Macon to install the pipeline inside the park that will serve Baxter International.

Each city has an agreement with the Municipal Gas Authority for gas supply, and the Covington council also approved a supplemental contract addressing Stanton Springs and the percentage shares for revenue and expenses.