Walmart employees accused of more than $50k in fraudulent refunds

COVINGTON — At least seven Walmart employees are suspected of pilfering more than $50,000 through fraudulent refunds.

According to an incident report completed by Covington Police Department Officer Grant Satterfield, the store’s loss prevention manager reported that he discovered more than seven employees at the Walmart on Industrial Boulevard have been making fraudulent refunds.

“These employees would take the cash or credit (from) Walmart store cards,” the report states. “(The loss prevention manager) knows this has been going on for at least the past two months.”

The loss prevention manager also told Satterfield that he believes there are possibly more employees than the seven he has identified and the total loss could be more than $50,000.

Two of the employees were to be terminated immediately, according to the report. The loss prevention manager said he has documentation showing that one of the employees took $2,620 in cash and the other took $1,274 in cash.

“These thefts took approximately 50 transactions,” the report states.

The case has been turned over to the CPD Criminal Investigation Division, which will do further investigation.