City adjusts PEG rates

COVINGTON — The city of Covington has adjusted rates for its three Public, Educational and Government, or PEG, channels to give users more flexibility.

The new formula will calculate charges based on the length of air time multiplied by the number of airings. Previously, the set fees were $6 per day at a minimum of 10 runs for a 30-second spot and $9.50 per day for a minimum of 10 runs for a 60-second spot. For additional runs, the charges increased by 50 cents per 30 seconds and by 75 cents per 60 seconds.

As with the previous fees, the new rate will use a multiplier of .0158: Length of air time multiplied by the number of airings multiplied by .0158. Users aren’t limited to the 10-run minimum and programs can air less or more times per day. A 15-minute spot airing twice per day would cost $28 per day, for example, based on the formula, rounding down to the nearest half or whole dollar.

The change came about after a customer requested a 3-minute spot, for which the city had no established rate.

Previously, local programming such as chat shows carried a $25 flat fee regardless of length.

The city has three PEG channels on Charter cable — channels 8, 20 and 22.

Public, Educational and Government access channels exist to give individuals who otherwise might not have access to the media an opportunity to display and showcase their talent, knowledge, interests and any other information with the rest of their community, according to Telecommunications Manager Mark Culbertson.

There is a studio at City Hall available for public use at $50 an hour with equipment such as a camera and lights, but purchasing airtime on a PEG channel is required to use the studio, Culbertson said. Spots can also be filmed on location using personal equipment.

Culberston said there has been a great response from the community to PEG channels. There is some confusion that the channels are run by Charter, though they are run exclusively by the city.

“All equipment is here at City Hall for a feed to Charter to insert into their lineup,” he said.