Covington woman faces drug, child endangerment charges

CONYERS — A deputy who stopped to help what she believed was a stranded motorist wound up arresting two adults on various drug charges.

Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Angela Morrison was traveling along Ga. Highway 138 around 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 23, when she noticed two adults and a baby in a Honda Accord pulled over on the opposite side of the highway. The deputy made a U-turn and approached the vehicle, where she found a woman later identified as Lexis Summer Oliver-Rodriguez of Covington in the driver’s seat with her seatbelt on, 21-year-old Troy Milton Broadnax in the passenger seat and a toddler unsecured in a car seat the backseat.

Deputy Morrison asked what was wrong with their vehicle and Rodriguez said the car shut off. Broadnax added that something was wrong with the fuel filter, according to the incident report. Morrison stated in the report that she noticed both Rodriguez’s and Broadnax’s eyes were glassy and their speech was slow.

The deputy asked for identification and then told Rodriguez and Broadnax that she would stay with them until they could figure out what to do.

“At this time, she turned the key in the ignition and the vehicle started with no problem,” Morrison stated.

Rodriguez told the deputy that she didn’t have identification with her, even though her purse was placed between the driver seat and the door, the report states.

“She then quickly stated, and pointed to Mr. Broadnax, he was driving though, and they gave each other this stare/look,” Morrison stated. “I had a suspicion by the look I observed she was telling a lie at that point.”

Morrison asked Rodriguez several times her name and birth date, and each time the deputy was unable to locate a valid drivers license for her.

Based on the inaccurate information and the suspicious behavior by Rodriguez and Broadnax, the deputy asked Broadnax to step out of the vehicle and asked him the driver’s real name. He told the deputy to try the last name Rodriguez, the report states.

While Morrison was verifying this name, a trooper with the Georgia State Patrol came to the scene to assist and began talking with Broadnax.

The trooper then asked Broadnax to remove his boots, the report states.

“I then saw various small clear plastic bags of drugs fall onto the ground from his boot,” Morrison reported.

She then asked Rodriguez to step out of the vehicle and detained her at the rear of the vehicle. At this point, Rodriguez admitted to the deputy her real name, and upon entering this information, it showed Rodriguez was wanted on other charges.

“She (then) admitted to smoking meth with Troy and chasing it with a blunt of marijuana to calm her down; furthermore, she stated she took her prescribed Xanax at approximately 8 a.m. for anxiety,” the report states.

Morrison also found inside Rodriguez’s purse a clear bag of meth and a glass pipe.

The deputy contacted Rodiguez’s mother to come take the toddler, who was in the back seat, while Broadnax and Rodriguez were transported to the Rockdale County Jail.

Rodriguez, 19, 6348 Turner Lake Road, was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug-related objects, DUI, endangering a child by driving under the influence of drugs, obstruction of law enforcement officers, giving false name and date of birth, expired tag, cracked windshield and driving while unlicensed.

Broadnax, whose address is 8920 Pleasant Hill Road in Lithonia, was charged with possession of Schedule IV drugs, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce and possession of methamphetamine.