Newton woman with multiple IDs charged with DUI, drugs in Rockdale

CONYERS — After giving deputies three different names and two separate drivers licenses — including one that had been reported stolen — a 21-year-old Newton County woman was arrested and charged with DUI and possession of drugs.

Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a Chevron gas station on Salem Road around 2:30 Wednesday morning when the clerk said the woman was in the store trying to get other customers to buy her beer.

When she apparently couldn’t get any takers, the woman – later identified as Lauren Ashley Johnson of 260 Winfield Drive in Covington — picked up some beer and brought it to the counter and asked for cigar wraps, according to the incident report.

When the clerk asked for her birth date, she allegedly gave a birth date year of 1992, but when he asked for an ID, she reportedly showed him a California drivers license with a 1990 birth date and the name “Lauren White.”

As a result, the clerk would not let her purchase the beer, at which time “she became agitated and verbally abusive and started threatening to ‘bring her dog in on him,’” the report states.

Johnson then left the store and the clerk called 911.

After receiving a description of Johnson’s car, deputies found her inside her vehicle at a restaurant on Flat Shoals Road.

“Immediately upon making contact with Ms. Johnson, as she exited her vehicle slowly, I could detect the distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage on her person and breath,” said Deputy Nathan Watts in the incident report. “Ms. Johnson also appeared to be extremely nervous and evasive while we attempted to identify her.”

Johnson reportedly handed deputies the California drivers license and a Georgia drivers license with the name of “Lily Chambers.” Johnson then attempted to grab the Georgia drivers license out of the hand of a deputy, the report states.

Deputies placed her under arrest so they could question her further. She insisted that she was both Lily Chambers and Lauren White “due to her being involved in the rave scene and having to avoid ‘creepers,’” the report states.

Due to her erratic behavior and odor of alcoholic beverage, deputies conducted a series of field sobriety tests on Johnson, which indicated that she was impaired by alcohol and drugs, the report states.

Deputy Watts told Johnson that he believed she was under the influence of more than one substance.

“She denied current use, but stated she smokes marijuana,” Watts reported.

Deputies contacted Johnson’s boyfriend, Logan White, 23, also of 260 Winfield Drive, since he was listed as the owner of the vehicle Johnson was driving, and so that he could retrieve the large pit bull terrier in the car.

White was subsequently taken into custody by deputies because he was driving on a suspended license, according to authorities. He did, however, verify Johnson’s actual identity, and Johnson later admitted who she was, according to the incident report.

Johnson told deputies the two drivers licenses belonged to two friends who allowed her to use them. Deputies, however, contacted the Lily Chambers listed on the Georgia drivers license, who advised she didn’t know Johnson and that her wallet and license had been stolen in Atlanta about two months earlier.

Johnson and White were both taken to the Rockdale County Jail. While there, deputies found two Xanax pills wrapped in a small cigarette wrapper near Johnson’s bra.

“She stated that she ‘forgot about those,’ and I informed her that more charges would be forthcoming,” Watts stated.

Johnson was charged with forgery, driving under the influence of multiple substances, driving without a valid license, giving false name and address to law enforcement officer, crossing guardline with weapons, intoxicants or drugs without consent and possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance.