Porterdale police officer provides tip to help Covington Police nab suspected drug dealer

COVINGTON — A woman accused of dealing drugs was arrested in Covington this week, thanks to a tip from the Porterdale Police Department.

Just before 3 a.m. Sunday, Covington Police Department Officer Chris Smith noticed a red Isuzu truck traveling down Brown Bridge Road with a broken tag light.

When he pulled the car over, he asked the driver to step out to look at the tag light. The officer also learned that the passenger in the truck was Kasie Arrant, 36, of 468 Twin Bridge Road in Eatonton.

“Officer Smith had received information from an anonymous complaint on Nov. 4 that Kasie Arrant was distributing drugs from the residence (on) Westview Drive,” the incident report states.

While conducting the traffic stop, dispatch told Smith that Officer Kevin Courchaine of the Porterdale Police Department needed to speak with him,

“Officer Courchaine called Officer Smith on the phone and advised him that a confidential source had told him that Arrant commonly sold 2 to 3 ounces of methamphetamine a day and would always keep it in a bag inside her pocketbook,” the report states.

CPD officers then asked Arrant to step out of the vehicle and asked to search her purse.

“During a search of Ms. Arrant’s purse, a Coach bag was found inside the purse. Inside the Coach bag was a small black bag that had a plastic bag containing a significant amount of suspected methamphetamine and another plastic bag containing 12 pills in it,” the report states.

Also in the bag were two sets of digital scales and some plastic packaging bags, Smith reported.

Among the suspected drugs that were found in Arrant’s bag were Loratab, Clonazepam, Trazodopne and cyclobenzaprine, according to the incident report.

Arrant was arrested and charged with sale, distribution or possession of dangerous drugs, possession of Schedule III and IV drugs and drugs to be kept in original container.