NCSO: Woman bit by dogs at bus stop

Two pit bull attacks reported in Rockdale

COVINGTON — A Newton County woman reportedly was bitten on the leg by a group of dogs while waiting at a bus stop.

The victim told Newton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joseph Lightsey that as she walked to the front of Truell’s Mobile Home Park on Brown Bridge Road Monday afternoon to wait for the school bus, several small dogs owned by a resident nearby ran at her and began trying to bite her.

“She stated the dogs are always trying to bite her,” the report states.

One of the dogs did bite the woman on the thigh and she was treated by EMS at the scene.

In Rockdale County, two pit bull attacks were reported recently.

On Sunday, a woman on Poplar Street reported to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office that her dog was bitten on the nose by her neighbor’s pit bull and had to be taken for emergency care.

“(The woman) stated that her dog went up to her neighbor’s fence and stuck his nose through the fence,” RCSO Deputy Timothy Epperson reported. “When her dog stuck his nose through the fence, a white pit bull bit down on its nose and tried to pull it through the fence.”

The woman said she had to pull her dog away from the pit bull and slightly injured her left hand while freeing her dog, the report states.

The victim’s owner said her neighbor has three pit bulls and the fence is not high enough to keep the dogs in the yard. She said the pit bulls have come over the fence and into her yard several times, the report states.

The owner of the pit bull told the deputy that none of her neighbors had reported any problems with the dogs to her. She said that the pit bull who bit the other dog remains chained inside the fence unless she is home, and that she had just let the dog off its chain.

“(The pit bull’s owner) keeps the white pit bull on a chain because she is a little aggressive,” the deputy reported.

The woman did offer to pay for her neighbor’s veterinarian bill, the report states.

In other news, RCSO Deputy Jason Hayes responded to a home on Picadilly Court Friday evening after a 7-year-old boy was bitten by a pit bull that is known to routinely get out of its yard. According to a neighbor, the pit bull gets loose often and she and another neighbor usually catch it and tie up in their back yard.

“(She) said the owners are gone for days and the dog does not have any food or water,” the report states. “She said that they leave notes on the owners’ door about the dog.”

On this particular evening, the dog once again got loose and the neighbors tied up the dog. While one of the ladies was holding the dog by the chain, the 7-year-old victim came over to pet him. Witnesses said the dog pulled away from the woman, jumped on the boy and started biting him. The boy had two puncture wounds and scratches on his left arm, the report states. He was taken by his mother to Rockdale Medical Center for treatment. An employee with Rockdale Animal Care and Control arrived and took custody of the dog.