Middle school student charged with punching boy in nose

COVINGTON — A 13-year-old middle school student has been charged with battery after he allegedly punched another student in the nose.

Newton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Cortney Morrison said several boys were in the restroom Wednesday morning at Indian Creek Middle School when their horse play turned more serious.

“The victim walked out of one of the stalls and and one of the juveniles turned to the victim and punched him in the nose with his fist and caused his nose to bleed,” Morrison said.

She said the students reported the incident to their teachers and the juvenile was charged with battery and released to his parents.

In other news, a 13-year-old Indian Creek student was charged with a juvenile complaint for having a weapon in a school safety zone.

On Tuesday, a teacher heard that the student might have something in his backpack that he should not have. The principal conducted an administrative search and found a pocket knife inside the book bag, Morrison said.

The knife was a folding pocket knife with a 3 1/2-inch serrated blade. Morrison said the student told administrators the knife belonged to a relative that he had stayed with the previous night.