Norcross man arrested in I-20 road rage incident

CONYERS — A Norcross man spent a couple of nights in jail after he allegedly threatened to shoot a woman for driving too slowly on the interstate while talking on her cell phone.

According to the incident report completed by Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dwayne Smith, Blake Thomas Harr was the backseat passenger in an SUV traveling east on Interstate 20 around noon Saturday when he reportedly became frustrated that the driver of a passenger vehicle was traveling too slowly.

Harr told the deputy that the female was “traveling too slow and talking on her cell phone, preventing them from traveling faster. When his car passed her, he flipped her his middle finger,” the incident report states.

A short time later, Smith reported, the female driver caught up with the vehicle Harr was riding in and she “flipped him the middle finger in return.”

As they were approaching the Salem Road exit, Harr rolled down his rear window and threw a plastic cup containing a soft drink onto the windshield of her car, almost causing her to swerve into another vehicle, the report states.

The victim called 911 and both drivers exited off Salem Road and stopped on Iris Drive, where they met with Deputy Smith.

Smith asked Harr why he threw the cup of soda at the woman. Harr said because “she p——— him off.”

The deputy then asked the man to step out of the vehicle, at which time Harr advised the deputy that he had a gun in a holster around his waist. Smith had him remove the firearm and 13 rounds of live ammunition, and then he escorted Harr to the patrol car.

“As we approached my patrol car, I noticed (the female driver) was on her cell phone,” Smith reported. “Suddenly he yelled in her direction something referencing her being ‘on the d—- phone again.’ I replied to him that he shouldn’t be concerned about her being on the phone. He then replied, ‘Next time, I will just shoot her.’”

The deputy arrested Harr and charged him with terroristic threats and acts and possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a crime. He was released on a $10,000 bond Monday afternoon.