Health Reports for Newton, Rockdale counties for Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2013

Editor’s Note: Restaurant health inspection reports published in the Citizen newspapers include only the restaurant’s name, address, score and date of inspection. This is due to the length of violations included in the reports. Readers who would like to know more about a restaurant’s score may go online at www.eastmetrohealth.com to read any violations recorded in the report.


Heritage High School, 2400 Granade Road, 100/A, Oct. 28.

McDonald’s, 1765 Ga. Highway 138, 97/A, Oct. 29.

Tere O’Chele’s, 607 Sigman Road, Suite A, 90/A, Oct. 29.

Baan Thai Restaurant,1745 Ga. Highway 138, Suite C-13, 100/A, Oct. 30.

China Star Restaurant, 2870 Ga. Highway 212, Suite C, 98/A, Nov. 1

Mammy’s Kitchen, 1294 N. Main St., 93/A, Nov. 1

New China II, 1360 Dogwood Drive, Suite 204, 96/A, Oct. 28

Pippin’s Barbecue, 4580 Ga. Highway 20 S., 99/A, Oct. 31

Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits, 1648 Ga. Highway 138 S.E., 91/A, Oct. 31

Gi Gi’s Place Inc., 607 Sigman Road, Suite 100, 70/C, Oct. 29

Eurest Dining, 1400 Lester Road, 91/A, Oct. 28

Shane’s Rib Shack, 2890 Ga. Highway 212, Suite H, 90/A, Oct. 28


Merryvale Assisted Living, 11980 Ga. Highway 142 N., Oxford, 64/U, Oct. 29.

• East Newton Elementary School, 2286 Dixie Road, 100/A, Oct. 28