Watchful neighbor alerts Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office to burglary

CONYERS — Two suspects are in custody after an alert citizen called in a suspicious vehicle backed into their neighbor’s driveway.

Just after 9:30 a.m. Friday, a neighbor watched as a suspicious black Dodge truck backed into the driveway of a their neighbor’s house on Hope Drive, according to a press release from the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. The neighbor then called 911 and reported that that the two occupants of the vehicle, a male and a female, were attempting to kick in the front door.

As deputies were responding, the neighbor then advised that the male suspect had gone around to the back of the house, while the female suspect had returned to sit in the passenger side of the truck, the press release states.

Within minutes, responding deputies arrived and were able to detain the two suspects. Alesia Jones, 22, of Jonesboro, was detained while sitting in the truck and the male suspect, James Bouie, 30, also of Jonesboro, was captured as he was exiting the garage with a handful of items from the house, according to the RCSO.

Deputies were quickly able to determine that the two were breaking into the residence, and the two suspects were transported to the Rockdale County Jail and charged with burglary.

“Deputies did a great job of responding quickly and preventing the suspects from getting away,” said Sheriff Eric Levett. “I continue to encourage citizens to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings. We have already made several arrests this year from alert neighbors calling in suspicious activity in their neighborhoods, and I hope that cooperative effort continues.”