Conyers police arrest several in armed melee at Forest Villas

CONYERS — Four people were arrested in a melee that broke out in the Forest Villas neighborhood where one man was robbed of his cell phone at knife point.

The incident apparently was touched off by a domestic disturbance that occurred sometime around 12:30 p.m. Monday in the Millcrest Walk subdivision. Conyers Police Department Officer Kim Lucas said 26-year-old Cordero Valentino Montford of 1279 Millcrest Walk, and another woman were arguing over some house keys. She said officers calmed the situation and separated the two people.

Then, about three hours later, Conyers police began receiving a number of calls that a fight had broken out at 1187 Oak Villas Court and that someone was brandishing a knife.

Officers arrived at the scene to find a large number of people arguing outside and several people claimed one man had a gun.

Lucas said that officers approached the man believed to have had the gun, 18-year-old Isaiah Leegrand of 1179 Oak Villas Court, but he ran inside the residence.

“During all this time, multiple subjects were in the cul de sac, yelling and cursing,” Lucas said.

She said other people at the scene said that Montford had pulled out two knives and was slinging them around and running toward numerous subjects.

In an effort to control the scene, officers placed several subjects in handcuffs and directed others to sit on the ground. One of those people, Takara Monique Howard, 22, of 1187 Oak Villas Court, sat down briefly, but then jumped up again after officers turned their backs, Lucas said.

Officers learned the fight began when Montford came to the Oak Villas home that afternoon, banging on the door, armed with a knife. Leegrand and Howard began fighting with Montford. Lucas said Leegrand assaulted Montford and as he did that, Howard attempted to pull a cell phone out of Montford’s pocket, Lucas said.

Montford was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a crime and criminal trespass.

Howard was charged with disorderly conduct; Leegrand was charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery. Another woman at the scene, Keatricia Lamemtria Montford, 28, of 1279 Millcrest Walk, was charged with disorderly conduct.