Lithonia man arrested after CPD notified of entering auto incident

COVINGTON -- Covington Police officers were able to nab a suspect in several cases of entering auto in the early morning hours Tuesday thanks to an alert citizen who notified them of a suspicious person.

Dashan Christopher Daubon, 20, of 8301 Fairington Village, Lithonia, was arrested and charged with entering auto.

A woman who was outside in the Magnolia Heights apartment complex walking her dog called police after spotting a male dressed in a black hoodie and khaki pants walking around the parking lot. When she went inside her apartment, she looked out the window and saw the same man tampering with the driver's door of a vehicle.

"(The witness) said that the male got inside the car and started ransacking the vehicle, then popped the trunk, getting items out of the trunk and walked away with several bags in his hand," the CPD incident report states.

CPD officers converged on the scene and one of them found the suspect between the 500 and 600 buildings, laying under a truck.

"While searching Daubon's person, I located a silver in color knife, a screwdriver, and a black in color flashlight/stungun inside his pants pocket," the incident report states. " ... also on Daubon's person was a black jewelry box containing a silver in color ring ... I also noticed Daubon had a drivers license of a female and two different Social Security cards ... "

A CPD officer contacted the victim, while other officers on location began canvassing the parking lot, checking for other vehicles that appeared to have been illegally entered. Three other autos were located and officers discovered bags not far from where Daubon had been hiding under the truck that contained a variety of items including name brand purses, wallets, tennis shoes, sandals and headphones.

Also, during the search a Chrysler Sebring was located that had been reported stolen out of Decatur. It is not immediately known if Daubon had been driving that vehicle.