LETTER: Will our freedoms be destroyed?

A study of world history confirms the truth that all governments eventually become corrupt. Today, that truth continues to become more obvious in the U.S. government as incidences of corruption are exposed. Approaching Memorial Day, when we pay tribute to those who gave their all to preserve the freedoms the Founding Fathers gave us, we have a president who has vowed to transform or disregard those values. The toadies in mainstream media and the upper chamber of Congress that are loyal and obedient seem supportive of his efforts. In the absence of any obvious effort to preserve and protect our freedoms, we are left to conclude that the goal is to destroy them.

In support of this conclusion, consider that historically, the first step in overthrowing a government is to render the people defenseless by disarming them. The president's efforts to do this are well known. The debacle at Benghazi is utterly shameful. Despite efforts by media and the president to downplay the incident, this truth remains; there was a call for help that never came. Strange that the omniscient, all-knowing media has not explained the whereabouts of the commander in chief, or the secretary of state, during the evening hours of that fateful incident. Compare that to someone drowning and no order given to throw them a life jacket. Now, a congressional hearing has exposed incidences of a government agency, the IRS, that has conspired to intimidate citizens who are opposed to the promised "transformation." Add to that, a Justice Department who in direct conflict with the Fourth Amendment right of privacy, seeks personal phone records of AP journalists.

There are simply too many incidences of wrongdoing, i.e., taking liberties prohibited by our Constitution, in the current administration to be coincidental. Dereliction of duty by the president in fulfilling his oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, is sufficient grounds for articles of impeachment. However, if he should be impeached and convicted, the vice president would assume the office, which many seem to think would not be an improvement. Any hope of restoring and abiding by the principles set forth in our Constitution that gave us freedom, is in the hands of those Congresspersons who are devoted and dedicated to abiding by their oath of office.

-- Grady Mullins

WWII veteran