Jeff Meadors: Performance flags give needed direction for educational improvement

Jeff Meadors

Jeff Meadors

Georgia's College & Career Ready Performance Index highlights performance flags.

Green performance flags indicate that performance for participation, subgroup and state targets is met. Yellow and red flags indicate subpar performance, with red flags highlighting more serious failure.

Georgia Commission charter schools fared much better on CCRPI scores than did state charter schools, according to the state report. Full reporting details may be found at http://ccrpi.gadoe.org/2012/

Closer to home, white students at Alcovy High failed to meet subgroup or state performance targets for graduation rates, as did students with disabilities and multiracial students. Of nine possible subgroup performance areas, including EOCTs and graduation rates, students with disabilities flagged red in six areas. Black students at Alcovy met subgroup but not state performance targets for the graduation rate indicator.

Alcovy earned 48.8 achievement points with an overall score of 75.1 out of 100, flagging red nine times, and falling below all Newton high schools. The school continues to struggle with math performance, scoring 56.9 of possible 100 on the Math II indicator, and below the state at 41.9 for students earning dual college credits. U.S. history scores lag also.

Eastside High had fewer red flags, but produced graduation rates for black students below state and subgroup target performance. Students with disabilities at Eastside flagged red twice. Eastside surpassed the state for student participation in dual college credit.

Eastside earned 55.2 achievement points with a total score of 82.9, flagging red 4 times. Eastside scored 95.4 percent in economics (17.2 percent above the state) and 93 percent in physical science (16 percent above the state). Math 1 and II characterized the school's lowest scores, but both still exceeded state performance targets.

Newton High's white students and students with disabilities flagged red for failing to meet graduation rates. Newton High's students with disabilities flagged red on five of nine possible targets; the school earned 48.4 achievement points with a total score of 76, flagging red 9 times. Math I scores exceeded state targets.

Newton County scored overall as follows: elementary grades, 79, middle grades, 77, and high schools, 77.1.

Regional comparisons include Morgan's elementary grades score of 94.9, middle grades score of 82.8, and high school score of 75.3. Putnam County scored as follows: elementary grades, 92.7, middle grades, 90, with a high school score of 75. Walton County earned elementary scores, 85.5, middle grades, 83, and high school, 76.7. Rockdale County generated elementary grades, 85.7, middle grades, 87, and high schools, 67.6. Oconee County scored 93.4 at the elementary level, 93.2 at the middle grades level, and 92 at the high school level.

Data for Newton College & Career Academy and Rockdale Career Academy, unfortunately, are not disaggregated in state CCRPI reports.

Given the CCRPI and passage of House Bill 131, schools may boost CCRPI scores and better position students for HOPE by increasing participation in dual college credit programs.

While not perfect, the CCRPI may hold promise for school improvement if schools nourish green flags and take strategic aim at getting the red out.

Jeff Meadors has served in appointed and elected positions in public education and may be reached at pjeffreymeadors@gmail.com.