Covington woman reports strange emails

COVINGTON -- A woman contacted the Covington Police Department and said she believed she had been the victim of an Internet scam by terrorists.

The woman said earlier this month a man identifying himself as a widowed white male from Brooklyn, N.Y., had contacted her via Facebook and said he was interested in getting to know her.

"(The victim) stated she was not interested but continued playing along with this person whom she did not know," the CPD incident report states. "(The victim) stated that several extensive emails were sent back and forth over the course of several days ... and (the perpetrator) sent her a picture of what was supposed to be him but after(wards) she did some personal investigation, (and) she was not able to locate any person in the Brooklyn, N.Y., area by that description or name."

The woman told officers that the person told her he was an engineer and was "serving the Arabian Contracting Company for one month and also sent a copy of the 'contract' that he supposedly signed."

The woman told CPD officers that she began to feel uncomfortable about the situation, but continued talking to the person, trying to see how much more information she could receive.

Then, the woman said the person sent her an email stating that he wanted her to send two iPhones with no service, not traceable, with 32 to 64 gigabytes, and WIFI capability.

The victim said she told the perpetrator via instant messaging that she did not have the money and would not be sending the phones. She said she also told him that she had heard of a scam that was aimed at single older women, asking them to buy phones and send them overseas where the phones would be used to commit an act of terrorism. She went on to tell this person that she hoped he was not a "slimy Arab."

The woman said after that message the perpetrator did not respond and she sent another message asking if he was still there. He then responded and his tone had changed. Over the course of several emails he stated, "I hate you. I will come for you. I will send a sharp shooter and crew for you. You will die. I will kill you."

"(The victim) said at that time she became fearful for her life and did not know what she had gotten herself into," the incident report states.

The woman said she contacted the FBI and they advised her to contact local authorities.