Newton Citizen Poll for May 19, 2013

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"Americans -- wake up! You cannot be naive enough to believe that anything that happens in this country, was not known by or approved by Obama, before it occurred. He is, after all, the commander-in-chief, of the armed services (Benghazi), head of the Department of Justice (Fast and Furious) and the IRS (the blatant attacks on the Tea Party, Jewish organizations and any groups criticizing how the country is being run). When is enough, enough? What has happened to 'We The People?'"

"The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are out-numbered by those who vote for a living."

"Shame on the board members who tucked their tails under cover of the apparent race card. Thank you to Meadors and Baker and Coggin for doing the right thing. Districts 2 and 4, you have much to be ashamed of in your school board members. ... "

Congratulations to Samantha Fuhrey on being appointed new superintendent of NCSS. Thank you Mr. Meadors for making the right motion and thank you Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Coggin for pushing it through. These are three school board members who look past letters after someone's name and dig deeper and identify someone not based on race, not based on letters after their name, not based on personal agendas. These are board members who understand the value of choosing someone who will continue the upward motion of our achievement scores. I am so grateful to have these three school board members who vote the right way. It makes me think NCSS is flushed of much negative types and on the way to real success."

"Eddie Johnson and Almond Turner, please explain your reason for your 'no' vote on Samantha Fuhrey. Why won't you return the reporters messages and explain why you voted 'no' on the new supe."

"Sometimes I pick my grandson up at Ficquett Theme School. We use the road off Mill Street that goes down by Sharp Stadium and behind Sharp school. I believe it has been shut down and used for storage now. If so, why do they need a big Dumpster ... and a small one, too, to pay rent on at the old lunch room? Also, there is a nice greenhouse sitting and a lot of good chain link fence. I have seen vans loading up old desks and shelves on several occasions. Some of the tags are not from Newton County. It looks like something is not kosher there. If there is stuff there that could be sold, why doesn't the county have a big sale and put some of the money back into the school hopper for the county to get some of their extra money back. I think this would be a good idea."


ThePublicGood 2 years, 6 months ago

I am pulling for MS FUHREY but she will sink or swim initially based on how bold she is on cleaning out the administration at Alcovy High. School board give her your support in cleaning house at Alcovy High. The newest testing scandal is the last straw.


momofone 2 years, 6 months ago

The building behind Sharp where the greenhouse is houses Mainstay Academy, the psycho-educational center. Or at least it did. If Mainstay is still there, then that is why they have the dumpster-there is a school there.


MonsterMash 2 years, 6 months ago

It is breaking on all the chats and blogs and employees are mad as heck did a board member's daughter get a job last week at NCCA and what credentials did she have over others? ORR the BOE and find out who applied and what credentials were. Was this a favor being returned?


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