Man blocks entrance to subdivision by dancing on car

COVINGTON -- A woman who was only trying to get into her subdivision around 7 p.m. Tuesday had quite an adventure when she was met by a man whose wife said he'd had too many "Skittles."

The Covington Police received a call about an argument taking place at the entrance of Brown Bridge Crossing subdivision. According to a CPD incident report, when officers arrived at the scene, they observed the woman driver standing away from her vehicle that was still parked in the roadway and a man standing near her vehicle dancing and waving his arms.

The man was later identified as Christopher Alexander Corbett, 24, of 9226 Tara Drive.

"The mannerisms Mr. Corbett was displaying led me to believe that he was under the influence," the officer states in the incident report. "At that time, I gave verbal commands for Mr. Corbett to get out of the roadway and come and speak with me. In turn, Mr. Corbett continued dancing in the middle of the roadway, disregarding my commands."

The officer states she stepped closer to Corbett and asked him again to come speak with her, but he then placed his cigarette in his mouth, threw up his hands and continued dancing.

"I then gave Mr. Corbett clear verbal commands that I was going to ask him one more time to put down his cigarette and come and speak with me," the officer states. "It was at that time that Mr. Corbett took his cigarette out of his mouth and brought it near to my face. At that time, I knocked the cigarette out of his hands and place him in handcuffs, double-locked."

When back-up officers arrived Corbett was placed inside a police unit and the first officer on the scene began questioning the woman who was trying to enter the subdivision.

She said as she was approaching the entrance, Corbett was dancing in the roadway. She stopped her vehicle and waited for him to move, but when he failed to let her pass, she inched her vehicle up a few more inches and told him to get out of the roadway.

"At that time, Mr. Corbett jumped on the hood of (the victim's) vehicle and continued to wave his arms and dance," the report states. "(The victim) asked him to get off of her vehicle, but Mr. Corbett did not respond. (The victim) said she became frightened and exited her vehicle."

While trying to keep a good distance between herself and Corbett, the woman said she called her husband and the police, not knowing what Corbett's intentions were.

Corbett's wife was also at the scene while officers were dealing with the situation and when she was asked if he was under the influence of anything, she replied, "Skittles."

The officer asked her to elaborate on what she meant by that and she stated that Corbett had consumed 16 cough and cold pills, which, she went on to explain, when taken at one time would cause hallucinations.

"It was at that time that we radioed to have EMS en route to the scene to clear Mr. Corbett," the report states.

EMS couldn't clear him, however. They advised that he needed to go to the hospital for evaluation.

Because Corbett was not responsive, his wife was informed that he was being cited for disorderly conduct, but was being released for care at the hospital.

The incident report further states that officers were summoned to the hospital twice more during the night to deal with Corbett.


Kornbred 2 years, 4 months ago

No shortage of morons on Brown Bridge, I see. Skittles, pfft!


momofone 2 years, 4 months ago

SKittles are what they used to call Coricidan when I worked at a pharmacy. They are now kept behind the counter and you have to request them. Wow, what an idiot!


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