BOC hears employee insurance options

COVINGTON -- County commissioners were presented with two options for the employees' insurance plan at a budget work session held Monday at Nelson Heights Community Center: They can keep the current plan as it is, which would cost the county an additional $425,700, or go with a modification to coinsurance percentages in a second option that would cost the county only $22,133.

Gary Massey of Gary Massey Insurance Inc. in Covington, the county's insurance consultant and broker, told commissioners that keeping the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan exactly as it is would cost $425,700, based on the last enrollment census of 115 employees signed up for single coverage and 405 signed up for family coverage.

A second option would be to change coinsurance -- currently, the employee percentage is 10 percent and that would be increased to 20 percent. The coinsurance is the percentage the insurer and the insured pays for outpatient visits, hospital stays or anything outside the copay after the deductible is met.

Medical rates would remain the same and the county would absorb an increase in dental, Massey said. That option would cost the county only $22,133 and would not impact employee premiums or copays.

"I think that is a very good renewal for us to have that it can stay flat with just that one increase in it," Massey said.

Total rates, including both employee and county contributions, for the second option would be $480 a month for single coverage and $1,133 for family coverage on medical, and $25.64 a month for single coverage and $71.96 for family coverage on dental. Employees pay 21.69 percent of rates, Massey said. Employees cannot opt out of dental coverage as medical and dental are offered bundled. There is a voluntary plan for vision coverage.

Massey asked that the matter be put on the board's Tuesday agenda so that there will be ample time to issue cards and plan booklets and make the necessary updates if the board opts to change the coinsurance.


Neuhierl 2 years, 3 months ago

The less expensive plan is still much better than most people have, if they have any insurance from their employers at all.


56vick 2 years, 3 months ago

I find it interesting that on the Friday that the county decides to give their employees a picnic and encourages all employees to come to show the county appreciation . Commissioner Sims has an awards ceremony on the square on Sunday of the same week for all longevity employees .Massey decides to advise the county to take more money from their employee's pockets. No raises in six years ,no paid holiday 's . And they wonder why the moral is so low ! Business as usual in Newton County !


John 2 years, 3 months ago

And that is better than Medicare part B w/Medicare advantage - medicare B went up, medicare advantage went up & copay increased. After the SS1.7% COL adjustment for 2013 I end up with a net incrseae of $20/month ,my wife $5.00 - and that is wiped out, plus some, by higher gas & food prices. And Obama & company want to find a way to further reduce the COL adjustment - the next number is 0%. Oh, I do pay property taxes and NC get their share of sales tax revenue including the SPLOST on what we spend in NC.


Del 2 years, 3 months ago

Let the county employees do what most other Americans do now.......Purchase their own insurance, the county would have more money to waste on a pet project and the employee would feel like us regular people suffering through the current state of the Nation


momofone 2 years, 3 months ago

State Employees (not teachers) have not had a raise in 6+ years and pay roughly $400+ in Medical not including dental and vision. What's the problem for County employees doing the same?


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