Woman arrested after allegedly attempting to have altered prescription filled

COVINGTON -- A woman was arrested by Covington Police Friday morning after she allegedly attempted to have a counterfeit prescription filled at Walgreen's Pharmacy.

Shanda Hedgepeth, 34, of 152 Cannon Farm Road, Lot 7B, Oxford, was arrested and charged with forgery in the first degree in connection with the incident.

According to CPD, a call came in from a Walgreen's employee who stated a woman was attempting to fill a fake prescription. An officer went to the store and spoke with Hedgepeth, telling her she was being accused of trying to fill a fake prescription.

"She replied that the prescription was from her doctor and that it was real," the CPD incident report states, adding that the woman gave the name of a doctor in Conyers.

The Walgreen's pharmacy representative stated that the prescription had medications on it that the doctor did not prescribe.

"She stated that the prescription had three medications on it but only the first one was actually prescribed by the doctor. She stated she did call the doctor that the prescription was from and he did indeed say that he only prescribed one medication," the report states. "The medications that were added to the prescription were Flexeril and Phemtermine."

The report goes on to state that the officer was shown the forged prescription, as well as a letter from the doctor addressed to Hedgepeth explaining to her that she will no longer to be able to visit his office due to her altering prescriptions.

After her arrest the woman told CPD officers that she was actually forging the prescription so that her friend, who doesn't have insurance, could get the medication. In searching Hedgepeth's vehicle, several copies of a doctor's excuse document that had been altered and the suspect's husband's prescription medications were also located.