Letter: Fuhrey is best choice for superintendent

I have lived in Newton county for nearly 45 years and am a retired accountant. The following is my take on the three candidates for superintendent.

Every morning I read the Athens Banner Herald, so I am very familiar with Ms. Price's current employer the Athens-Clarke County School System. In the latest statewide tests their elementary schools scored 75.5, middle schools scored 78.2 and high schools scored 67. As you know, statewide averages were: elementary -- 83.4, middle -- 81.4, and high schools -- 72.6. Newton County scored: elementary -- 79, middle -- 77, high schools -- 77.1. Thus, Ms. Price's school system scored considerably under both state averages and Newton County in the latest test.

The Athens-Clarke County School System spends $11,621 per student, which is significantly higher than either Newton County or the average for the state of Georgia. This would be fine, but as you can see from the above numbers, they are not getting their money's worth. Last year when ACCSS had to cut their budgets, they cut teachers and parapros rather than fat from the central office. Due to the above performance and lack of superintendent experience, I think that Ms. Price lacks the skills to successfully manage a system as large as Newton County.

I like the fact that Mr. Light has many years of superintendent experience but wonder how long it will take for him to adapt to the Newton County School System. Like Ms. Price, his "doctorate" is from a for-profit "university."

I have never met Ms. Fuhrey but know a number of teachers and administrators who believe that she is a good fit for Newton County. I am concerned that if she becomes superintendent, two key positions on her staff will be open.

To me, the risk of either Mr. Light or Ms. Fuhrey are about equal, so I'd avoid the relocation cost and hire Ms. Fuhrey.

-- Tom West



ThePublicGood 2 years, 4 months ago

The extra pay for these "doctorates" is nuts and out of control. What good is that for a student? None. It pads retirement for admins who get paid from TRS a multiplier of 2 times the number of years worked multiplied times the average of their highest two years of salary. I say defund TRS and see who really is in it to teach kids. The pension lifers sit in offices and get online degrees while teachers work like dogs in classrooms and no one is supporting teachers no one at all. I wish the public would get loud about supporting classroom teachers and privatize the central office to a local RESA. Privatize counseling. Privatize all of it except classroom teachers and privatize management too. You will save money and you will end the waste.


hambymontana 2 years, 4 months ago

With Fuhrey you can count on breaking the bank to keep and expand the Springboard curriculum...and unless every teacher is expected to lose creativity and read from a script then teachers will continue to be discouraged. Springboard is not even designed for the standards of Georgia or NCSS, so why keep spending money on it?


dennistay53 2 years, 4 months ago

I have been very critical of this school board but I hope they make the right decision.Nothing would please me more as a taxpayer and longtime citizen than to see this school system take it's place as one of the top five school systems in the state of Georgia as the support it is getting says it should be. We will not reach that by sugar coating results. I wish we had a survey stating who the teachers think would be the best and go from there. The teachers are the ones who will make or break this school system


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