Newton Citizen Poll for March, 31, 2013

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"Another thing I love Chinese food, but when the place looks run down and appears nasty enough is enough. The food is kept room temp so they can stretch the food to last five to six hours instead of keeping it fresh and hot. Covington needs to take a step back and let's start over."

"Don't you just love it? Our people are going hungry and wondering where they are going to sleep tonight and our illustrious vice president and his staff have spent over $500,000 for one 'Rock Star' night in Paris, along with $321,665 just for limo service. Oh, he did not pay for it, we taxpayers did. He and Obama tell us we need to suffer for the cause and cut back on 'luxuries' like going to the movie or out to dinner. What audacity! Who do they think they are? They are good examples of 'do as I say, not as I do'. You liberals who put them in office for four more years of the same, 'how is this working for you'?"

"I have a comment about the two boys that (allegedly) brutally murdered that little baby in Brunswick -- If they don't get a death sentence, then nobody should."

"I would like to comment about what happened down in Brunswick, Ga. I think instead of wasting money on the trial, they should turn them two loose on the streets and let the people take care of it. Plus the mama and the aunt that (allegedly) tried to cover it up. I think that is the only way to get justice for that baby."