Darrell Huckaby: Another sign that the world has gone crazy

Darrell Huckaby

Darrell Huckaby

Just when I thought it was safe to glance at the news again, I confirmed my growing suspicion that the world has gone slap dab crazy. In the words of Dorsey Hill, world's oldest Frat Boy, it's been all downhill since Smokey Robinson quit performing miracles. I have said many times, I will never run out of something to write about as long as human beings remain at large in the American South -- and don't even get me started on folks up in Yankee land.

Last week we learned that millions of dollars in road projects are on hold while we spend $8 million researching the potential Georgia habitat of an Indiana bat, and yesterday a lady sent me an email wanting me to call her to get the bat's side of the story.

Eric Rudolph, who was convicted of setting off a bomb in Centennial Olympic Park after we went and invited the whole world to Atlanta (and almost killed my good friend and former FBI agent Mike Rising when he set off another device at an abortion clinic), is going on a hunger strike because he says he has been singled out for special treatment by the authorities at Colorado's Supermax prison.

He reminds me of a kid I sent to the back of the lunch line for cutting. He said, "I just won't eat lunch then!"

Boy, he showed me!

And now, as the college hoop-crazed world prepares to cast its collective eyes on the Capitol of the New South next week, the lunatics from Westboro Baptist Church are headed to Atlanta to protest the Final Four because college basketball has become just another idol for America to worship and, I suppose, the folks at Westboro -- which is in Topeka, Kan. -- just love basketball fans so much that they want to come to Atlanta to warn them that they will burn in hell for waving giant foam "Number One" fingers and cheering for the Dukies -- or whoever survives this weekend of mayhem.

I am guessing that you have heard of Westboro Baptist. If you haven't, you are lucky and you might want to go ahead and quit reading. I know that Baptists everywhere wish they would take that word out of their name -- just as I am certain that church members everywhere wish they would take that word out of their name, too.

The church was founded by Fred Phelps and a large percentage of the "congregation" seems to be members of Phelps' family -- and their hate-filled friends. Lest you accuse me of judging, take a look at their website for yourself. The first thing you will see is a headline proclaiming "God hates fags." If you continue to explore, you will learn that, according to them, God also hates the media, Islam, the world and, apparently, everything and everybody except the members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

This group of people has gained national notoriety by picketing all sorts of activities -- especially the funerals of soldiers killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't ask me their rationale behind that because I am not going to give them enough credibility to research their anti-American diatribe.

To the credit of Americans everywhere, Westboro has been foiled many times in their attempts to dishonor American heroes when communities have come together to shield them from various events. Truth be told, I am not sure any of the 150,000 fans expected at and around the Georgia Dome next weekend will notice them at all.

The first link on my church's website is a link welcoming everyone to come and worship the Risen Lord. On theirs is a picket schedule. They are equal opportunity offenders and are picketing several churches in their local area this weekend. One has a woman preacher. I think the other might have shown a Disney movie at Bible school one time. I'm not sure.

While they are in Atlanta they will not confine themselves to the Georgia Dome. They also intend to picket the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and Creflo Dollar's World Changers megachurch in College Park. Maybe they will get the guy that stands in front of the Miller Learning Center before every Georgia football game, spewing hate in the name of Jesus at all the coeds and fraternity guys that file past, to join the Westboro folks. Maybe they will take him back to Kansas with them.

I told you the world has gone crazy.

Those folks are so wrong in so many ways, but the soldiers whose funerals they picket gave their lives for those people to have the right to do so, and the Lord whose resurrection we celebrate this Easter season died for those folks, too.

If you ask me, that is living proof that God doesn't hate anyone. God is love.

Happy Easter, y'all.

Darrell Huckaby is a local educator and author. Email him at dhuck08@bellsouth.net. For past columns, visit www.rockdalecitizen.com or www.newtoncitizen.com.