Second suspect arrested in connection with January birhday party shooting

COVINGTON -- The Newton County Sheriff's Office has made a second arrest in connection with the birthday party shooting in the Silos subdivision complex in January.

David Alexander Farrow, 23, of 130 Dairyland Drive faces seven counts of cruelty to children, six counts of aggravated assault and one count of criminal damage to property in the second degree in connection with the incident.

The shooting occurred in the early morning hours of Jan. 27 at 355 Emerson Trail in the Legends of Ellington subdivision off Brown Bridge Road when more than 30 rounds were fired into a home where a birthday party was taking place. A female guest and a male security guard were shot and vehicles and other houses were struck by shrapnel as a result of the shooting.

Another suspect, Dandre Knowles, 21, of 21524 S.W. 113th Ave., Miami, Fla., was arrested in February during a traffic stop by the Miami-Dade County Police and extradited to the Newton County Detention Center. He has since bonded out of jail.

Farrow was found as a result of multiple complaints on March 8 of a gun being fired from the area of Dairyland Drive, also in the Silos complex.

According to NCSO Public Information Officer Cortney Morrison, deputies had searched the area several times for a would-be shooter when an anonymous tipster called and said a male with dreadlocks was in the driveway of 130 Dairyland Drive shooting a firearm.

Deputies went to the address and found a man matching the tipster's description sitting on a wall that divides the properties of 130 and 140 Dairyland Drive. This man turned out to be Farrow. He had two large bottles of vodka next to him, and deputies reported smelling alcohol on his breath.

Morrison said because the deputies had reason to believe Farrow was armed, and he was sitting with his hands in his pockets, one of the deputies drew his gun and told Farrow to show his hands.

"He responded that he was on his own property and the deputy did not have jurisdiction to tell him what to do on his own property," Morrison said.

After refusing repeated commands, the deputy pushed Farrow off the wall and he landed on the ground and was placed in custody, Morrison said. It was at that time the deputy noticed a handgun with a magazine in the weapon on the ground where Farrow had landed.

"Deputies believe the gun fell out of his clothing. It was a 9mm with an extended magazine with 13 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber," Morrison said. "Six spent 9mm shell casings were recovered that matched the 9mm rounds in the handgun."

Farrow initially gave deputies a false name.

He was charged in connection with the March 8 incident with reckless conduct, discharging a firearm while under the influence of alcohol, obstruction of law enforcement officers and giving a false name and information to law enforcement officers.

After his arrest, investigators were able to tie him to the Jan. 27 incident through evidence and witness identification, Morrison said, adding that the investigation is ongoing.

"We want to thank the community because they were instrumental and played a key part in making these arrests," she said.


dennistay53 2 years, 8 months ago

Aye bloody good job. Got dredlocks off thee cobblestones. Should have taser jolly ole fellow. Drank some ale aye. Tonic in da belly rocks in thee ole head.


OnToday 2 years, 8 months ago

Thuggy Dummy sat on a wall. Thuggy Dummy had a great wall. All the Sheriff's women and all the sheriff's men, finally put Dummy in the county pen.


dennistay53 2 years, 8 months ago

He was out to have some fun with his gun. When they came he forgot to run. They knocked him down and out came his gun. Hum Hum he ain;t having no more fun.


Covingtonian 2 years, 8 months ago

I bet this idiot is a transplant from another state or country. Many of these fools coming here were not raised in the area and they want to bring their thug mentality to our once serene county. This fool could have easily been shot or worse shot a deputy if things had played out a little differently. Some of the young women are no better or intelligent. I was in CVS to have pictures made Friday and this young lady, looked to be in her early twenties, was talking loudly about having spent the night in jail the night before. No priorities common sense or decency.


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