Foiled traffic stop results in four arrests

COVINGTON — A Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputy wound up arresting four people after he attempted a traffic stop to verify the identity of a suspicious person Wednesday night.

According to NCSO Public Information Officer Cortney Morrison, a BOLO alert was issued after a suspicious person was seen in the vicinity of Salem Road.

“A deputy was in the area that the individual had been seen in and he observed a vehicle with an individual in it that looked like the person in the BOLO,” Morrison said. “He began following the vehicle, a Lincoln Continental, and it went from Salem Road to Kirkland Road and accelerated to about 50 mph.”

Morrison said the deputy continued to follow the car and activated his emergency equipment so the driver would stop, but at that time the driver passed a car in a no-passing zone and got up to speeds of 70 mph. He then turned onto Gum Tree Trail, which dead ends into a cul-de-sac.

The Lincoln stopped and a black man wearing red shorts and a black shirt jumped from car and took off on foot through the yard of a duplex apartment, Morrison said.

The deputy gave chase and the driver of the Lincoln ran to the back of the apartment and at that time, the deputy heard an apartment door slam shut.

Once backup arrived, a PA system was used to order all the people inside the apartment to come out. Deputies had seen individuals peer out the windows at them. Eventually, two women came out and when deputies repeatedly asked them if anyone else was inside, they said they were the only people there.

Deputies asked for permission to search the premises and the women gave their consent.

“They entered the apartment and searched and didn’t find anyone inside. Then they realized there was an attic and when the hatch to the attic was moved, a piece of red fabric fell out,” Morrison said, adding that they knew their suspect was wearing red shorts. “They were able to get the individual out without incident.”

Before they left the apartment, however, Morrison said deputies heard more movement in the attic and knew somebody else was up there. They had begun to call for that individual to come down when his leg fell through the ceiling, almost striking a deputy in the head. Morrison said that person continued to resist coming down, until his whole body fell through the ceiling.

As it turned out, the driver of the Lincoln, Derrick Lee Hightower, 25, of 138 Gum Tree Trail, was not the suspicious person they were seeking. He was, however, arrested and charged with fleeing and attempting to elude, passing in a no passing zone, reckless driving, failure to yield when entering a roadway and obstruction of a law enforcement officer. Additionally, once he got to the jail, Hightower allegedly threatened the deputy using profanity and he was also charged with terroristic threats and acts.

The other three individuals involved were each arrested and charged with hindering apprehension. They are Mia Tillmon, 22, of 138 Gum Tree Trail; Mary Scott, 39, of 158 Gum Tree Trail; and Mondrell White, 27, of 138 Gum Tree Trail.


The_Civil_Newtonian 2 years, 5 months ago

Aye, you dare say after all this blimey rubbish the beastly bloke turned out to be just some bog-standard Joe? I'd dare say the poor chap must be completely mental or else had to take the mickey in a bad sort of way. All in the land knows when the Bobby points his blues and twos it don't mean to sod off!. Now look at the bad tickety-boo this bloody wanker and his trove of slappers are in!


UGAFan 2 years, 5 months ago

Only in our great county could we end up with thug fools doing something worthy of showing up on Americas Dumbest Criminals!!!!


dennistay53 2 years, 5 months ago

Should have used the taser on all 4 of them. Now somebody got to pay to fix the roof. Wonder if this was rent free apartment that taxpayers will have to pay to fix. This had to be part of the 47%?


dennistay53 2 years, 5 months ago

I don't know xactly what The_Civil_Newtonian said but i think i might agree with him if i really knew what he said. He must be from the North of London


John 2 years, 5 months ago

Dennisstay53, my guesses are 1.) this is a "copy & paste" job of an excerpt from a book The Civil Newtonian just read or 2) he/she is a Cockney that came from London's East End w/o a translator & settled in Newton County but is still actively looking for a place that serves a good Ploughman's lunch with a side of kippers and no sweet tea.


Billy 2 years, 5 months ago

Resisting the police is never a good idea. All that does is make the situation worse than it already is, for both the citizen and for law enforcement. When you tell children they can do anything they want, they take the advice, and wind up in jail, or worse. You CAN'T do anything you want; there's limits in life; one limit is that the police serve public order. They are here for our benefit. Some policemen are not right for their jobs, but the vast majority of them are. If they turn on their lights, pull over and stop. How hard is that? Put your hands on the wheel where they can see them. Don't talk back, don't say anything at all unless they ask a question. No attitude, just briefly, honestly answer them. If you choose, say, "I can't answer that." Again, don't make the situation worse. Do what they say, live to see another day...


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