Letter: ZIP code change would be disruptive to many

I am one of the 616 households south of I-20 in Social Circle that will be affected by the proposed ZIP code change from 30025 to 30014. There will be many inconveniences for all of us in the targeted area. We will have to notify and/or change our address for utilities, pest control, landscapers, propane services, home/auto/life insurance, subscriptions, banks, multiple financial accounts, stocks, employers, Social Security, medical, friends and relatives.

Those working from home and self-employed will be forced to notify their clients, suppliers and associates. They will also incur costs for new business cards and letterheads. Don't even get me started on standing in line at Driver Services to change a license. Some may have to take time off from work to get this chore done, and there will be a cost to purchase a new license. GPS maps will be inaccurate until new updates are made available.

If you take into consideration that there are at least two persons in every household, that's 1,232 people that will be affected. Some households have adult children, teenagers and parents living with them. This could affect thousands.

The survey mailed out by the post office only had the proponents' positive view and no facts or studies supporting their position why we should approve this change or how our lives will be enhanced.

Baxter is a welcome addition to our community; there should be a way to give them the Covington address they desire without any disruption to the lives of the people who already live here.

-- Mary Ellen Todd

Social Circle