Kroger asks customers to support MDA fundraiser

With neuromuscular diseases affecting more than 1 million Americans, Kroger's Atlanta Division is urging customers to support its annual fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) from March 17 to 30.

During that time, Kroger customers can purchase $1 or $5 shamrocks to help the Atlanta Division reach its goal of raising $300,000 to help MDA send young patients to summer camps, and provide comprehensive health care, medical equipment, wheelchairs, support services and clinics to those affected by the close to 40 forms of neuromuscular diseases.

The term "muscular dystrophy" refers to a group of genetic diseases that causes progressive muscle weakness. While some cases may be mild and progress slowly, others produce severe muscle weakness, functional disability and loss of the ability to walk.

MDA is a national voluntary health agency comprised of scientists and residents aimed at conquering neuromuscular diseases. By contributing 77 cents of every dollar raised, MDA provides research, health care and educational services -- connecting people diagnosed with muscular dystrophy to a national network of 200 clinics and centers, which includes a support system, information and services to improve their well-being.