Covington man charged in connection with scrap metal theft

COVINGTON -- Newton County Sheriff's Office deputies were able to catch an alleged scrap metal thief in the act recently and return property to two area businesses.

Deputies were summoned to the area of Old Atlanta Highway and Cook Road around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon by an employee of Morgan Container who said a white male was seen coming out of the bushes with pieces of metal and placing them in the back of a white Toyota pickup.

While en route to the area, a deputy passed a truck fitting the description that had metal on the back of it traveling on Old Atlanta Highway near West Street. He stopped the truck and identified a man on the back of the truck as Timothy Conner, 29, of 10111 Old Atlanta Highway.

According to the NCSO incident report, several large pieces of metal were in the truck. Conner told deputies that he had found the metal in a ditch on Old Atlanta Highway; however, the employee from Morgan Container was able to identify part of the scrap as belonging to his company.

Also, in searching the area where the metal came from, deputies were able to see the back of another business, Mock Pallet. They contacted the owner of that business who came and said he stored scrap metal at the back of the business. He was able to identify the remainder of the items in the truck as belonging to Mock Pallet.

Conner was charged with two counts of theft by taking.