Oxford man arrested in Conyers road rage incident

CONYERS -- The Conyers Police Department has arrested an Oxford man in connection with a road rage incident on March 4.

Thomas John Jentzen, 50, of 75 West Forest Way, Oxford, faces charges of reckless driving, hit and run and aggressive driving in connection with the incident which began on Ga. Highway 138 near Flat Shoals Road.

A 37-year-old McDonough man reported to the CPD that the driver of Chevrolet S-10 pickup "blew his horn and threw his arms up in the air," the CPD incident report states. "(The victim) advised that the driver of the S-10 'gave him the bird' ... (and) advised as they proceeded through the intersection the S-10 began 'brake checking' him. (The victim) stated that he passed the S-10 and the S-10 began to follow him. (The victim) advised that he tried to get away from the S-10 ... and the S-10 was 'tailgating' him."

It was at this point that the victim called 911 and the operator advised him to pull into Peoples Bank, but when he did the driver of the S-10 followed him into the parking lot, according to the incident report.

"(The victim) advised that he circled the parking lot and the S-10 passed him and violently braked. (The victim) stated that the S-10 was to the left of his vehicle in front of him. (The victim) explained that he attempted to pass the vehicle on the right to avoid conflict ... (but) he advised that the S-10 went into reverse, spun the tires and rapidly approached and struck his vehicle," the incident report states.

The victim told officers when they arrived at the Peoples Bank parking lot that the S-10 rapidly left the area and turned right onto Ga. Highway 138. He was able to furnish a description and tag number of the truck and a witness confirmed the victim's account of what happened in the parking lot, calling the driver of the S-10 "crazy nutso."

A short time later, an officer located the S-10 truck in the parking lot of Lowe's, but despite paging him and an extensive search of the store, officers could not locate Jentzen. His truck was towed as evidence of a crime.

Later that afternoon, Jentzen contacted Conyers Police and said "the other driver began 'flicking' him off ... and that he was scared and wanted to speak to the other driver to find out what was going on. (The suspect) said he pulled into Peoples Bank and the other driver struck him from behind," the incident report states.

When the suspect was told that bank video surveillance footage and a witness statement revealed that he backed into the driver, Jentzen stated he didn't recall that.

He advised the officer he would come to the CPD on March 5 and speak with them about the issue. When he arrived, he continued to deny that he was the aggressor, but CPD officers advised him warrants were being taken against him and he should turn himself in on Friday, March 8. He was arrested at that time.