Man ingests marijuana but leaves traces behind

COVINGTON -- Covington Police arrested a Marietta man Tuesday who apparently thought if he ate the evidence against him he wouldn't go to jail, but he should have been more careful with the "crumbs."

Anwar Soondiada Nasir, 35, of 1934 McEachern Lane, Marietta, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana less than an ounce after he was noticed acting suspiciously as a passenger in a vehicle that had been stopped while investigating a noise complaint.

The officer spoke with the person involved in the noise complaint and then " ... noticed Mr. Nasir continued sitting in the vehicle and moving around suspiciously, looking straight ahead and down towards the floor of the vehicle," the CPD incident report states.

When the officer shined his flashlight into the vehicle, he noticed that Nasir appeared to be startled and his suspicious behavior continued. The officer walked to the passenger side of the vehicle and asked Nasir to open the door, but he "just looked all around the inside of the vehicle and failed to open the door," the report states.

"While observing Mr. Nasir, (the officer) noticed a green leafy substance all over the front of his shirt and on his pants. (The officer) opened the door and removed several small pieces of suspected marijuana from Mr. Nasir's shirt and pants."

When the officer asked Nasir where the rest of the marijuana was, Nasir replied, "What marijuana? I don't have any marijuana," the report states.

The officer placed handcuffs on Nasir and asked again where the marijuana was.

"Mr. Nasir never answered and appeared to be chewing and swallowing something inside his mouth," the report states.

The officer told him several times to spit out the marijuana, but he refused and continued swallowing. Also, the officer repeatedly asked Nasir to open his mouth, but he just kept on chewing and swallowing. Finally, Nasir asked "Why?" and the officer noticed "several small pieces of suspected marijuana on the inside of his teeth and mouth."

Nasir was transported to the Newton County Detention Center.


Frustrated 2 years, 8 months ago

Just another example of how drugs make you stupid


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