Newton Citizen Poll for March 3, 2013

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"I have a recurring concern regarding the Newton County Neighborhood Recycling Centers, such as the one on Highway 36 near Alcovy High School. I have brought this concern to the attention of this area's commissioner on more than one occasion, and my concern is that some employees that are working at these sites are feeding and harboring stray cats. I have noticed several cats again, along with feeding and watering bowls on the porch at the office located at the Newton County Neighborhood Recycling Center. I understand that they may help with rodent control, but they can do this just as well if they have been spayed or neutered. I don't feel all employees working there are responsible for this problem. On my visit this week I have also noticed that one of the males has not been neutered, and after witnessing this, I feel sure that the other cats have not been fixed. I see the same cats every time I go to the Recycling Center. I occasionally use the Recycling Centers at the 202 site and notice a stray cat or two there as well. I have contacted animal control in the past about this issue and once again, I find myself having to bring this issue up again. I contacted animal control again on 2-14-2013. They did not appear to be very responsive to this ongoing problem. It does not seem fair that as a citizen that I do and am expected to follow the current county leash and animal at-large laws, it would seem that our county facilities are not held to the same laws as your constituents. ... I think the county should lead by example and be held to a higher standard when it comes to abiding by the laws that are set forth for animal control. I would suggest that traps are set or some sort of removal be provided at these facilities and that employees be told that this sort of behavior is not allowed. I do not understand why this type of policy is not already in effect."

"My wife and I are retired educators, and we have lived in the Oak Hill community for many years. We do our shopping in Rockdale County, and we only come to Covington for medical appointments. We read both the Newton Citizen and Rockdale Citizen. We did not know the Covington Square had a deceased veteran's monument until we read in the Newton Citizen Poll where it was being desecrated. We had doctors appointments in Covington on Feb. 13 and 21 and on each trip we made it a point to look at the monument. On Feb. 13, there were several teenage girls walking on the flowers and posing for what appeared to be 'punk rock' pictures while hanging on the monument. On Feb. 21 traffic was backed up and when we got to the monument the whole area was occupied by a film crew. You could not see the monument because the entire monument site was occupied by film groupies. A policeman was standing 20 feet from the monument allowing this to happen. What we read and see coming from the city of Covington tells us that only the female council members seem to care about what is right and what is wrong. We agree with the other people who have contacted the poll and stated the monument should be moved immediately."

"EBT use and House Bill 138 -- what are they thinking? Better yet what are they not thinking! To have EBT use provide liquor, adult entertainment, lottery tickets, tobacco products, porn materials, firearms, vacation services, tattoos, body piercings, jewelry, gambling, gift cards; paying for fines, fees, bail or bail bonds is a sin, sacrilegious. Shouldn't these 'luxuries' have been prohibited from thievery at the beginning of the EBT card use over 10 years ago? What other 'loopholes' do you know of that taxpayers pay?"

"This is in response to a post in the Feb. 17 Citizen Poll. They were talking about how much a school bus driver makes for Newton County. I would love to know who they talked to. My husband has been driving for Newton County for five years and is yet to get a raise even though his evaluations are always very good. He makes right at $12,000 a year. It is hard for me to believe that a bus driver makes $37,000 to $48,000 a year. If that was so, I would drive a bus for a living. Just wanted the people of Newton to know that not all bus drivers are making that kind of money."

"To the Board of Commissioners: You don't get a pass because you're new. Resubmitting contracts for bids after five years is common sense. And you surely don't accept a bid that is '2 percent less than the lowest bid,' ensuring that bidder wins the contract. It's OK to be new, it's not OK to act without integrity. And to J.C. Henderson: 1) Please take some diction lessons and 2) Black History Month is about celebrating the wonderful, historical accomplishments of American blacks -- not about revisiting a harm from the past. I expect more from my county leaders."

"I have been quite vocal over the past few weeks on the actions of the BOC; however, I have attended the last four meetings and since their weekend retreat, I have noticed a major change in the way they operate as a team. We have a new BOC and I think that under the direction of Commission Chair Ellis they are beginning to look out for our best interest. He is involved and concerned. I believe he and all the commissioners want to do the right thing for the Newton County taxpayers and have made a commitment to do so. We, as taxpayers, need to not only support our elected officials but also need to communicate with them and attend meetings to show our support. It's very easy for us to sit back and make negative comments about what they did, but it is also important that we get involved, support our commissioners, talk to them and make Newton County a great place to live. Please join me on supporting the BOC."

"Our tax dollars at work. I called the Tax Commissioner's Office three days ago and she hasn't returned my call yet. I went by her office and no one knows when she will be back. Next election I will find her name on the ballot.""I was calling about the Georgia/South Carolina game Saturday. If you watched it right at the end of the game, I think they had some of the dumbest officiating I've ever seen. South Carolina took the ball out, the clock operator started the clock with the ball not in play and the officiating crew took 10 to 15 minutes to review the play, and I think they still got it wrong. What you do as officials paying attention to what they're doing, and they see the clock is operating when it shouldn't be, stop the play, reset the clock and start over.""I was calling about the University of Alabama kicking those players off the team. My hat is off to them. I think that is the way it should be handled. You don't want a bunch of thugs on your team. Rather than suspend them for a game that you know you're going to win anyway, kick them off the team. Have a little true grit."


John 2 years, 8 months ago

If your biggest concerns are issues (ref sor player suspensions) in college sports you certainly have too much time on your hands - get a "real" life and rearrange your priorities - this time for the better. Oh, too much TV watching is a health hazard, it will make your eyes go square (or rectangle if you have a flat screen) & your butt bigger and mind softer.


mansfield 2 years, 8 months ago

I think that last entry must be a misprint. At least I hope so since its impossible to follow. Of course that's never happened before in either of our newspapers.


livingart 2 years, 8 months ago

Excuse me - BOC members have to earn respect and support from the people who trusted them to do a better job than the ones they replaced. The titles are not given for no reason. They should have the interest of the people first, and their personal gains last...


FlowerPower 2 years, 8 months ago

When I am visiting the recycling centers here in Newton County what angers me is the blatent disrespect that some citizens show for the recycling mission. I have seen broken appliances in the compactor, a dead dog in the bulk garbage, metal in the plastic bin and plastic in the paper recycling. The workers are overloaded with correcting these types of issues. If they choose to take a moment to pet a cat as they take a break I have no problem with that. The workers at the HWY 36 center are doing an excellent job and I commend them.


Peggy 2 years, 8 months ago

I totally agree FlowerPower. They do a good job and indeed the cats do keep down the rat population. Very scary to come face to face with a big old rat while dumping trash. If the poster wanted to do something really nice instead of complain, they could take up money to have the cats spay or neutered. I use Project Catsnip. They are really good and inexpensive. I do that in my own neighborhood. I think I've had minimum of 20+ cats spayed and neutered. I'd be willing to donate.


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