City of Covington, KCNB encourage recycling

COVINGTON -- The city of Covington and Keep Covington/Newton Beautiful encourage city residents to recycle by using the Streamline curbside recycling program.

The Streamline program accepts a wide variety of materials, does not require separating and is designed for easy use by citizens.

Last year, Covington began the current program that allows citizens to mix various materials when recycling and eliminates the requirement to separate them. Acceptable items include paper, plastics, aluminum and steel cans, jars, rubber, glass bottles of any color and more. Newly accepted items under the program include aluminum foil, corrugated cardboard, jar lids, TV dinner trays, pie pans, motor oil containers, margarine tubs, plastic bags, and Styrofoam. Items that are not accepted include light bulbs, ceramics, carbon paper, and window and mirror glass.

The Sanitation Department requests that containers be rinsed before placement into the recycling bin. Residents can put all of their recyclable materials into one bin provided by the city and then place the bin by the curb. For city residents, pick up of household recyclables is done the same day as their curbside trash pick up. The days and hours of pick up are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. -- 4:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. -- noon. Vince Casey, Covington solid waste manager, asks any city resident who does not already have a recycling bin to request one by calling 770-385-2046 or 770-385-2000.

All recyclables collected by Covington's residents go to SP Recycling's Atlanta location. There, the materials are separated and then shipped to different companies throughout the country to be reused in making new products. For example, some tin and steel cans are shipped to car manufacturers in North Carolina. SP Recycling Southeast ships materials from 21 processing facilities in nine states.

The Streamline program with SP Recycling allows the city to save money by reducing personnel and transportation costs and also earn money from the sale of recyclable materials. "Recycling is the right thing to do for the environment, and the city's Streamline program makes it easy and hassle-free," said KCNB Director Laurie Riley.

KCNB encourages all Newton County residents to recycle as much as possible to save landfill space, water, energy and natural resources. Residents outside the city limits of Covington do not have the option of Streamline curbside recycling, but they can use any of the 11 Newton County Neighborhood Recycling Centers located throughout the county. For information about these centers including locations, hours of operation, and materials accepted, visit www.kcnb.biz or contact KCNB at newtonclean@co.newton.ga.us or 770-784-2015 to request a brochure.


SandyBrown 2 years, 5 months ago

Great! Now, how about the REST of Newton County? So far, NONE of the private trash haulers take recyclables!


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