Alleged burglars nabbed when they tried to pawn stolen electronics

COVINGTON -- Two alleged burglars were captured Friday by the Newton County Sheriff's Office thanks to the quick thinking of a pawn store employee, according to NCSO Public Information Officer Deputy Felicia Jefferson.

Jefferson said on Friday the NCSO was called to the Double Gate subdivision off Brown Bridge Road with a report of a house that had been burglarized.

The victim of the burglary provided deputies with a list of electronics that were taken, including a lap top computer, a PlayStation 3 and a black iPhone.

"Later on, they were dispatched to the Porterdale Pawn Shop and (the pawn store employee) said he had found personal information on a lap top computer which indicated it did not belong to the two males who were attempting to pawn it," Jefferson said. "The victim was contacted and verified the items that were taken earlier."

The two suspects were still at the pawn shop when deputies arrived and were arrested and charged with burglary. They are Avery Sims, 21, of 15 Benedict Drive and a 16-year-old juvenile.

The stolen items were returned to the owner, Jefferson said.


Covingtonian 1 year, 11 months ago

Since we don't cutoff the hands of thieves in this country, please give these worthless individuals 5 years to serve. Get a job McDonalds, Wendy"s, Burger King etc.would be better than breaking into someone's home. This is the type of crime that could easily escalate if someone is found at home or arrives while these fools are inside. It's time to get tough on crime and the criminals.


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