Newton Citizen Poll for June 23, 2013

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"The 'Gang of Three' county commissioners have 'informally' decided we don't pay enough property tax in Newton County. Commissioners Sims, Schulz and Maddox think the government has more need for our money than we do and support this latest money grab out of our paychecks. Of course, the county does not want to see less money coming because we pay for a full-time county manager and a full-time commission chairman, and since it's government, it can reach out and slam us again. Thank you to the two commissioners who would not support this latest raid on our finances. And if you voted for the 'Republican' in the tax hike gang, Commissioner Levie Maddox, thinking he would be a good watchdog for our money, think again. The joke is on all of us who voted for him."

"A 60-year-old man that has worked hard all of his life loses his job because he requires emergency surgery to remove part of his intestines and the company did not want their premiums to increase, subsequently loses his home as well and along with his 70-year-old wife is forced to move in with relatives. He reaches out for help, something he never dreamed he would be forced to do. Humbly he goes to DFACS and says 'Can you help me?' No, your wife is two credits short to collect her Social Security and Medicare, even though she worked for many years, and the unemployment and small pension, together totaling $1,700 a month, that you receive is too much income for you to qualify for Medicaid or food stamps. Not long ago a cousin's mother-in-law moves here from India. She lives here part of the year and returns to India for part of the year. She never worked a second in the USA yet applied for and received, and continues to receive, both a $900 a month Social Security check and Medicare coverage. Am I the only person that is furious over this situation? Is there nothing we can do?"

"I know that the paper has tried to get Almond Turner and Eddie Johnson to explain why they voted against Mrs. Fuhrey and I know they have refused to respond. I think voters should remember this when these two are up for re-election. We should also remember that on June 25th at the public meeting of the BOE at 7 p.m. another family member of a school board member is possibly going to be on the personnel recommendation sheets. The nepotism in Newton County schools is serious and after we finally ran the Carpenters out of town you would think these board members learned a lesson. Please continue to push them for answers. Why did they oppose Mrs. Fuhrey?"

"We can certainly tell Obama has seven of the nine Supreme Court Justices in his hip pocket. This is either by threats, to those who do not agree with him, or promises of favors to those who do as he asks. Don't you love the transparency? He does nothing unless it helps him politically. He is favoring all the illegals because of all the ones who were able to vote for him (illegally), in 2012. They, of course, because of his promise to make them all citizens, will vote Democratic in the 2014 election. This country is not the America I remember or loved in the past. We must let our voices be heard to stop the insanity!"

"I really think if Obama and his administration wanted to prove that nothing they do is for political gain, they would ask the IRS to give the same scrutiny and obvious invasion of privacy, to ACORN, the ACLU, and Muslim organizations. After all, shouldn't liberal Democratic groups and Muslims also be harassed? This will never happen, of course, because there is so much mutual love there. President Clinton was impeached for lying about a sexual matter. Which affects Americans the most? That situation or the five on-going scandals that occurred on Obama's watch?"

"I watched a movie on TV the other night. It was called 'Enemy of the State.' It showed how the U.S. government was spying on Americans with satellites, cameras, and all types of sophisticated equipment. It showed drones taking out people on American soil. The movie was made in 1998. This appears to be what Americans are experiencing now. Maybe the producer was psychic? Obama and his administration are doing everything they can to take away our First Amendment rights. Never fear -- this is only the beginning. Remember when he said in his 2008 acceptance speech, how he was going to 'fundamentally change America?' What he has done to our nation so far, is certainly not what Americans (who voted for him), had in mind. We need to let Obama and all those elected officials on Capitol Hill know that they work for us, not us for them. If they want to keep their jobs, they all need to remember that."

"The incompetent Woodstock K-9 officer, who stupidly left their police dog in the car to die of heat stroke, should not only be fired, but should be prosecuted to the 'full extent of the law'! The local SPCA should follow this case to make sure justice is served. If this person is not made to pay for what they did, there is no justice for this poor dog. No one ever speaks up for the rights of animals and it is a sin and a shame for something like this to ever happen. Police dogs are trained to protect their handlers even if it costs them their lives. You certainly can't say the same for the human responsible for the horrific death of this dog. Let's hope this person does not have kids."

"I attended the county commission meeting June 18th with friends to talk against the property tax hike. What a disappointment at the situation we have in county government. It looks like the tax hike 'gang of three' are set to raise our taxes regardless of what we say or do. They refuse to talk to us, they refused to support another commissioner's efforts to even slightly reduce the budget, they march on determined to take more money from hard-working taxpayers at all costs. The Republican in that Gang of Three did not get elected promoting higher taxes. Meanwhile, where is the chairman, another Republican? He has provided not an ounce of leadership or direction for the budget process, seemingly satisfied with higher taxes. Well, we aren't satisfied with either of them and it will show in the next election. And Mr. Maddox, when the Democrats finish with you and kick you to the curb, it will be a lonely feeling indeed."

"I have lived in the Mansfield area of Newton County since 1984, and I have read the concerns numerous callers have expressed in your opinion poll concerning the veterans monument in the Covington Square. These callers stated that the town square was no more than a fairground and concert location. I saw this firsthand Friday evening around 7:30 while on my way to Kmart. The whole Square was jammed full of people. Many of the people were all over and all around this monument, showing no respect whatsoever. I am a Vietnam veteran, and this lack of respect for our 'killed in action' veterans clearly shows the degradation of the people of Covington. The Gods of the mayor and City Hall seem to be entertainment and money."


LE4LIFE 2 years, 5 months ago

Number one I am not sure what or who's idiot has a problem with our government watching over us but I for one have nothing to hide from. I pay my taxes, I work a job that pays me what I feel is enough, I live comfortably, I take a vacation, I help my parents who helped me because social security is not enough but truth be known they knew it wouldn't be so they do not whine, I own a gun and know how and most importantly WHEN to use it, Number two If the people of our nation want an apology from some one using the "N" word will some one please ask which "N" word are they referring to. One of these means the color black, one has been said to mean affection when accompanied by the word "My", yes I do know the one used by racist individuals which is spoken to hurt certain people of color but I do know this If you are not watching out for me then I must depend on the government to do that for me so you decide what is more important -freedom and security or fingerpointing whining law suits that tie up our system which is desperately needed for other matters.


dennistay53 2 years, 5 months ago

If you are against this tax increase please help us out by showing up in force at the July 2 commissioner meeting as well as the July 16 public hearing and commissioner meeting.


mansfield 2 years, 5 months ago

tax, tax, tax, all government knows how to do is raise our taxes. I agree with the previous poster, get out to the commission meetings to tell those politicians we don't need any more taxes, we need jobs and income for our citizens. Voting for higher taxes means you lose my vote in the next election. Period.


livingart 2 years, 5 months ago

I, as a Senior Citizen, have complained over and over for years about unfair taxes. I have wasted my time trying to make a difference. Seems to me, the more home/land owners try to keep what they have, the more the people in "elected office" desire and take. Why not make EVERYONE that lives in this county pay their fair share ? (We know why - those that do not own, will ride off the ones that do own) So after all these years - I say - it is time to leave.


Henrycounselor 2 years, 5 months ago

I think it is time to do away with school taxes for seniors. The current budget news on our school system makes me worry that these clowns have no idea what they are doing. What say you board chair? Six million dollars from reserves?


dennistay53 2 years, 5 months ago

@Henrycounselor- you are correct. I believe they are also rolling over what 15 million excess from last year budget and spending it instead saving that. Just the fact they said the school system was going in the Red and ended up at 15 million tells you they don't know what they are doing. Of course they do know how to spend with the best.


shaftedcitizen 2 years, 5 months ago

I went to the county tax assessors web site to see if they listed delinquent property taxes and who is responsible for paying them. The information is not listed. How many vacant and occupied properties are behind in taxes. I think this information should be posted so that those of us who do pay their taxes know who is not. Also if these back taxes were collected would we still need a tax increase ? Can the Newton Citizen get this information and post it?


Duster 2 years, 5 months ago

I seem to remember just a couple of years ago that we as tax payers were held hostage by the rants of the commissioners and the rotary club telling us that we needed to vote in the SPLOST. Because they would have to raise taxes if we did not vote it in. I also remember stating that they would raise them anyway. Remember they had to pay off the last SPLOST. This is wrong! Now here we are. I hope all of you understand that it has already passed! It just has not been voted on in a public forum. Get ready! I for one am calling for the ousting of all of the members in the next election. I do hope that all of the God fearing citizens of Newton County do the same.


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