Police: Woman complains fries cold, tries to run over McDonald's manager

COVINGTON -- An irate customer attempted to run over the manager of McDonald's on Industrial Boulevard after complaining that her fries were cold, according to a Covington Police report.

The manager of the restaurant called police around 1 p.m. Tuesday to report a black female in an older model, beat-up Chrysler attempted to run over him.

The manager said the woman became upset when an employee held the food bag out of the drive-thru window.

"(The manager) said that the female then stated that her french fries were cold due to the bag being held out of the window. He said that it is common practice for employees to have the bag already out of the window while the customer is pulling up to the window in an effort to save time through the drive-thru," the police report states.

The woman allegedly demanded fresh french fries, and was given some just out of the fryer, the manager told police. Then, she demanded a refund. An employee walked the refund to her vehicle, but the manager said she still refused to leave the drive-thru. Employees had to hand deliver food to other customers behind her vehicle.

"(The manager) said that he then told the female that she was needed to leave the property because she already had her money refunded and she was just being a nuisance," the police report states. The woman allegedly threw the bag of food and hit an employee, then apologized.

The woman then allegedly took pictures of the manager with her cellphone and refused to leave the premises. The manager said he told the woman he was calling police.

"(The manager) stated that she drove off then but circled the building and steered her vehicle towards him. He stated that the female came within approximately 3 inches away from his foot with her vehicle. He said that he moved out of the way and the female was laughing at him. He stated that while the female was exiting the parking lot she was blowing kisses at him and laughing," the report states.

The manager got the tag number from the vehicle but it came back as "plates don't exist," according to the police report.


SaveEastsideHigh 2 years, 5 months ago

BOC tax increases and rampant crime Newton County seems doomed. Thanks COC for bringing us these quality businesses.


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