Crowell, Jack Neely get repaired

COVINGTON -- Improvements to Crowell and Jack Neely roads will start in the next few days. Motorists should expect single lane closures and delays.

The majority of construction should be completed by the start of school, said County Engineer Tom Garrett.

Officials hope improvements will help school traffic flow better. The replacement Newton High School will open Aug. 2. The school is on Crowell Road North and also fronts Jack Neely Road.

Improvements include asphalt patching, resurfacing, widening, grading, storm drainage, signage, striping and associated work.

On Jack Neely, a southbound center left turn lane will be added so that traffic heading south can continue without being delayed by vehicles that are turning.

On Crowell Road, an existing northbound turn lane will be extended to accommodate vehicles and buses turning left into the high school.

The Board of Commissioners approved June 4 a low bid of $382,572.20 by Pittman Construction Co. out of Conyers.

Garrett said striping and some other minor work may still be required after school starts, but the goal is to have the majority of the project completed.

The work is being funded with Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax revenues. The initial estimate was $1 million, made before officials could perform a true cost estimate, Garrett said. The scope of the project and even the design of the school was not yet known when the SPLOST list was created.

Including "soft costs" such as surveying, easement acquisition and design, the cost is about $400,000, he said. That's about $600,000 under the initial estimate. Those dollars can be transferred to other projects on the SPLOST list.


Billy 2 years, 5 months ago

I'll be glad when youse guys get around to paving Pace and Usher Streets...and to be respectful, thank you for paving over all the unused railroad tracks. Now, if you could only get rid of that traffic intersection circle at the lake, the one that backs up traffic to 278. Why they didn't reroute and combine Browns Bridge Road and Clark Street to make a more efficient intersection is baffling to the Nth power...


dennistay53 2 years, 5 months ago

In other words they just threw numbers into the SPLOST without even knowing the true cost? They just felt like they could take $600,000 extra dollars from the taxpayers than what was needed? If this $600,000 would have been put into landfill debt reduction we wouldn't have the budget crunch we have now. Another example of SPLOST being abused and not used for most important needs


billmill5050 2 years, 5 months ago

what ever happened to getting a red light at Hwy 81 and Crowell rd. that was supposed to be done last year ???


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