Any non-profit group can earn funds by recycling

COVINGTON -- To participate in the Keep Covington/Newton Beautiful recycling program, any non-profit group can take their recyclable items to the City of Covington Recycling Center on Turner Street. (Turner Street is located off of Alcovy Road past Bulldog Tire and past the railroad trestle, next to the Covington Housing Authority.)

The group's name and address is entered into a log, the recyclables are weighed and at the end of every quarter those groups earning $5 or more are mailed a check. In the event the funds earned are less than $5, that amount is carried over to the next quarter.

Here is a list of items accepted for recycling at the center and the current payout price per pound:

-- Tin - .005

-- Aluminum - .30 (by far the best payout)

-- Glass - 0.01

-- Newspaper - .0075

-- Mixed Paper - .005

-- White Composition Paper - 005

-- Cardboard (good weight) - .01

-- Plastic - .005

Groups should consider the following:

Tin includes soup and juice cans, as well as all canned food containers. Labels should be removed. This can be done easily by placing the cans in the dishwasher and recycling them after they are clean.

Aluminum is all aluminum beverage and soda cans.

Glass includes clear, brown and green glass containers. Do NOT recycle drinking glasses, Pyrex dishes, mirrors, light bulbs, ceramic or any glass that is not a container.

Newspaper includes newspaper and all the inserts as well.

Mixed paper includes magazines, catalogs, phone books, etc.

White composition paper includes copy/office paper, notebook paper, etc.

Cardboard includes cardboard boxes, brown paper bags and brown envelopes. Do NOT recycle food product boxes, detergent boxes, wax coated boxes or plastic-lined boxes.

Plastic includes milk, beverage, shampoo and detergent bottles. Always remove lids as these cannot be recycled. Do NOT recycle motor oil containers, margarine tubs or plastic bags.

REMEMBER: The No. 1 reason to recycle is to help the environment and to reuse resources. Extra funds are just an added plus.